Free Custom «Comparison between Security Personnel and Police» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Comparison between Security Personnel and Police» Essay Paper

Security personnel’s are primarily bound to the duty of maintaining order and enforcing regulations at public events and within institutions. They are also involved in control of access to some places and in transportation of valuable commodities. Most of them are employed by security companies who determine their posting and their nature of work. On the other hand, the police enforces laws, maintains peace, reacts to emergencies, help in community support and are also involved in detection of crimes on behalf of the government and the citizens (Fischer, Halibozek & Green, 2008)..

Though security personnel and police serve almost exchangeable duties, they have different levels of training, qualifications and authorization. For this essay, I will compare the level of training and regulation between security personnel and police officers.

Training of police essentially requires the individuals’ fitness for the job. This is ensured through undertaking appropriate set standard screening. Recruits in police undergo in-depth training in established and controlled government police colleges and academies. Training of police normally last for durations greater than three months whereby classroom theory lessons and practical know how on traffic control, self defense, criminal investigation, use of fire arms and basic first aid skills.

Generally, the training of security personnel will vary depending on the security company and mainly consist of a short course on crime prevention, physical fitness and first aid skills. There are very little documentation on the standardization of training for security personnel.

There also exist some differences in terms of how security personnel and police are regulated. While the police are answerable to their daily activities in a number of mechanisms, they enjoy the authority to enforce laws and to make arrest within their jurisdiction. The police have limited negotiations with criminals and they are subject to prosecution and legal litigation. The public files their complaints through established police service channels (Green & Farber, 1975). On the other hand, the security personnel are principally accountable to their employer or clients. The security companies are the main decision makers in the activities of their security personnel. It has, however, been considered important by various governments to regulate the security industry on the basis of licensing.

In conclusion, there are distinct differences between security personnel and police on the basis there training and regulation. The training of police is more thorough than that of security personnel. Also, their regulation is wider than that of security personnel.



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