Free Custom «Article Summary» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Article Summary» Essay Paper

This journal article by Hetzman and Siddiqi (2008) give a comparison of the Canadian health care system with that of the United States. In the article, the authors point out that there is significant difference between the healthcares's of the two countries though the difference never existed about some decades ago.

The article expounds that the reason as to why the Canadian are on average healthier that the Americans and associated this phenomenon to the improvement of economic status and rise of living standards and improvement in nutrition. These factors have enhanced the quality of health in Canadian citizenry. The article points to the stability that was experienced in Canada where the social stability has increased over years which is a contrast in what happened to the United States. In the United States, there was a wide gap that was experienced in the difference in socio-economic gradient which had a negative effect on health.

The presence of low economic growth that Canada had as compared to the United States and higher rate of unemployed citizens, Canada was able to have less spending on healthcare but in the end, it achieved significant reduction in the death rate. The effect of this was that, Canada had a healthier citizenry that the United States. Tax values also influenced the healthcare with Canada having a more redistributive work as compared to that of the United States. In poverty reduction too, Canada had made significant steps as compare to the United States. The results of these were easy access to education and healthcare which made improvement of the health of the citizens.

This article identities the development of public provision as being critical in building of social infrastructure that provided income redistribution in Canada. With more people being unemployed in Canada more than in United states, unemployment protection were extended to give benefit to the whole citizenry there by resulting in reduction of risks. These improved access to health care service in Canada as compared to the United States.



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