Free Essay Sample «Walking or Biking vs. Driving a Car»

Free Essay Sample «Walking or Biking vs. Driving a Car»

Researches have shown that the people who walk or ride a bike to work at least part of the way compared to those who drive a car. Although they both are used to move from one place to another but they have a great contrast between them. The people who walk or ride a bike get a chance of simple exercise due to which they are good at their health as compared to the people who drive the cars (Butler, 2008). It is because the driving a car does not require any work force while walking and riding a bike require the energy.

By walking and riding a bike, the people can burn the extra calories of their body very easily. In addition to all this, it has also been viwed that walking and biking are much safer than driving a car. The accidents which take place on the roads and streets are mostly by the drivers of the cars.

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One of the biggest advantage of walking and biking is that the rate of road accidents can be reduced to a great extent. Not only this, by walking and riding a bike, the children become indepent. They do not have to wait for their elder ones to take them out. Inspite of all this, walking and biking are the one of the way by which the rate of physical activites can be increased in the humans (Fenton and Bassett 2006). The people who drive the cars become dull and less energetic as compared to those who walk and ride a bike. The people who walk and ride a bike are much healthier than the people who are habitual of driving the cars. Reasearches have proved that the people who walk or ride a bike are less often ill. They cut the risk of heart disease, several types of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and stroke (Wasielewski, 1983).

Therefore, it can be said that walking or biking is better than driving a car because they include less risks. Walking or biking keep the person fit and fine all the time. It is more beneficial than driving a car due to the many aspects. Another reason of saying that walking and biking is better than driving a car is that it is very cheap. One can approach to it very easily


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