Free Custom «The Gods» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Gods» Essay Paper

The religious aspect of human belief and his traditional, social background strengthens his faith on God. In whole world, there are many nations that have various religious beliefs according to their long-established religious concepts. God is normally conceived as one and only supernatural creator and lord of earth and eternal. But, there are many religious concepts that have been developed in various convents. These concepts pertains their own beliefs and Gods. There is hundred of Gods in the universe that are worshiped by the human beings by groups of people. The Egyptian God Osiris: According to the history Osiris is one of the oldest God of the civilization; it can be evident to read his name on the Palermo Stone of around 2500 BC. The worship of this God was widely performed until the suppression of the Egyptian religion during the Christian era. The information that we have on the myths of Osiris is derived from allusions contained in the Pyramid Texts.

2400 BC), later New Kingdom source documents such as the Shabaka Stone and the Contending of Horus and Seth, and much later, in narrative style from the writings of Greek authors including Plutarch and Diodorus Siculus The Greek God Dionysus: Dionysius is a God of ritual madness and God of the wine. This God is a major figure of Greek people myth, and one of the twelve Olympians, among whom Greek mythology treated Dionysus as a late arrival. The geographical origins of his cult were unknown to the classical Greeks, but almost all myths depicted him as having "foreign" origins: typical of the god of the epiphany, "the god that comes". Faith: Both Gods are fully followed and have myth from their followers. Hence, each religious group is engage to perform their mythology and have faith on it. The God is a concept and belief that some one is above all who can do and change any thing any time.

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The prayers to God make the things easier and batter. Same like that the faith of Egyptian and Greek people is with their Gods Osiris and Dionysis accordingly. Each religious group believes that their God is supernatural and holds the power and control of the world. Similarities: One of the biggest similarities in the faith of two different religious groups is faith and their following. Both Egyptian and Greek people consider their Gods as one and only on this universe and the lord of the earth and eternal. One thing similar between both is both are widely worshiped by the people and both were refers to the oldest civilization. The mythological parallels discussed above can be interpreted in diametrically different ways. The Egyptian and Greek interpretations may either consider non-Christian parallels demonic mockery, or intuitive glimpses of truth by virtuous pagans. Secular interpretations will simply treat the Egyptian and Greek myths as one stage in a long unbroken tradition only, while sceptical or atheist criticism may argue that these believes loses credibility by its copying earlier mythemes. Differences: Osiris was at times considered the oldest son of the Earth god Geb, and the sky goddess, Nut as well as being brother and husband of Isis, with Horus being considered his posthumously begotten son. He was later associated with the name Khenti-Amentiu, which means "Foremost of the Westerners" a reference to his kingship in the land of the dead. Through the hope of new life after death Osiris began to be associated with the cycles observed in nature, in particular vegetation and the annual flooding of the Nile, through his links with Orion and Sirius at the start of the new year. Osiris was viewed as the one who died to save the many, who rose from the dead, the first of a long line that has significantly affected man's view of the world and expectations of an afterlife.

In Greek mythology, Dionysus is made to be a son of Zeus and Semele; other versions of the myth contend that he is a son of Zeus and Persephone. He is described as being womanly or "man-womanish". The name Dionysos is of uncertain significance; its -nysos element may well be non-Greek in origin, but its dio- element has been associated since antiquity with Zeus (genitive Dios). Nysa, for Greek writers, is either the nymph who nursed him, or the mountain where he was attended by several nymphs (the Nysiads), who fed him and made him immortal as directed by Hermes. The retinue of Dionysus was called the thiasus and comprised chiefly Maenads and satyrs. Conclusion: All knows that God is one, and he is the only one who is running the glob. The worship of other than God of the earth and eternal that has a spiritual relation with human being is a ruined faith. So we should align to the God of the world.


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