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Technical Communication in the 21st Century

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We would like to bring to attention to our lovely tourist that we are aware of the recent attack by alligators in our parks. Where on two separate occasions, alligators attacked individuals who were walking by a small pond in a Florida state park. We would like to clear the misunderstanding that resulted from the media for blowing this issue out of proportion causing fears to tourist. We would like to assure you that it was a mere coincidence for such happening and there is no possibility of such happening again (Dobrin, Weisser and Keller 45).

            The goal of this communication is to address the fears on the past attacks. The management has improved on security by employing more guards to accompany tourists. We kindly urge not to hesitate to air your view to authority in the case of any concern (Dobrin, Weisser and Keller 45).

            Our commitment is ensuring that both the local and foreign tourists enjoy there stay, and we are more than ready to work extra hard to realize the demands of our tourists. Wildlife experts have guaranteed maximum safety to the tourist. They assessed the situation and recommended various measures, which already have fully been implemented. The government is looking forward for more cooperation from you and you should not hesitate from coming to visit our parks. It has assured its commitment to all tourist from within and outside the country that it will do all it takes to offer best place for its tourist. All parks have also put in place measures of ensuring safety of tourist while in parks. For example, in the area with security threats, guards will accompany tourists. We expect the number of tourist inflow to double this year.

Buy custom Technical Communication in the 21st Century essay paper cheap

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