Free Custom «Media» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Media» Essay Paper

Media is an organization that is meant to provide the public with latest news and information about different issues in life. Media bias is basically the bias of news producers and journalists within mass media in selecting the stories and events to be covered and aired.  Nowadays information about different matters in life is provided to the public in different sources such as internet, television, newspapers, and magazines among others. People argue that media has been trying to impress the audience with what they think is right and modern  instead of educating people with the things that are happening and improve their way of thinking. The media should help people see different things that happens in different places and not the only things they thing the audience is possibly going to like.

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Nowadays media have been elite in the way they use information for making stories from people, and where they source the information. One of the examples of elitism in the media is, journalist have been sourcing and making stories from the people they know and would like them to appear on television screens every now and then. This has led to repetition of stories in television stations, only in the name of making other people famous. The media have somehow become crrupt and the stories that are created are not even related to things happening around. Journalists and media producers have been taking money from the public in order to create stories that are concerning them (Potter, 2010).

The media have also been criticizing people of in their stories without considering their reason. They have made small and ordinary issues appear like things that they ca be discussed for a year. For example, in the New York Times there was a story of Muslims bombing clinics that support abortion. According to Muslims this is going against their policy and there is punishment for such things. Although this might be against the law, they should wait for the judgment of the police force instead of destroying the image of the Muslims.

Media bias has gone to an extent where they are used as tools for spreading propaganda. The media are hired by political leaders to spread substandard quality of a certain leader in order to win the votes of people. This has been seen several times where by the headline in news and on the cover page of newspaper is of one person for almost a week. Although the media has somehow been able to unfold secrets, it is now used to spread lies and one is unable to distinguish the truth and lies. Nowadays media have becoome like an investigative agency for personal lives. The media have been investigating lives of people that do not concern the public and writing stories and articles about them. According to the constitution it is illegal to interfere with other people’s lives without authorization from them. This has led to other people such as terrorists to investigate other people’s lives in the name of the media. This has been like a green light in supporting terrorism (Mackay, 2007).

Biased caused by media houses has created hostility among people with different opinion aired in the media. According to Kinnally & the Florida State University (2008), Wiki leaks laments that the ordinary media stations have failed to tell the truth. It laments that msnbc and fox are causing so much damage to democracy as they are giving biased information and opinions. For example, recent studies found that media bias has caused several effects to people especially when politics get longer coverage. This was seen during presidential election in Bosnia. Although the media has been helping the public by providing information especially on matters concerning them, elitism and bias in the media has limited information from reaching the people and created hostility at the same time.


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