Free Custom «Mass Media-Shoes Magazine» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Mass Media-Shoes Magazine» Essay Paper

Shoes are among the most important component for your clothing not only because they make a full completion of your adorning but also because they protect your foot against any harm as you walk or in whatever activity you may be involved in and they talk more of you are inside than you can imagine. Hence the right choice of shoes should be taken into consideration before you decide to clad yourself in some. Shoes should provide a covering for the human feet and should be made of leather or related material to enhance rigidity of the sole and also the heel and should usually cover your leg up to the ankle but can also extend further depending on the purpose, age and activity involved. You don’t want to wear a shoe that goes shouting am too old for this shoes or wear tennis shoes to your office on a Monday or possibly go running the Boston marathon in your office shoes. This and many other factors dictate what kind of shoes to wear and when. It is rather unfortunate that some people do not wear shoes either because of poverty or due to religious prohibitions. Nevertheless wear the right shoe for the rightful purpose.

Sports shoes or athletic shoes should be made taking into consideration the type of sports you are involved in. Sport is a recreational activity and your feet need to be confortable in those shoes while in the track or in the field playing rugby to enable you deliver the best and be the sportsman that you can be. Therefore, when you go out shopping shoes for your favorite sport ensure that they are made of the right fabric, plastic or rubber. Your athletic shoes need have the rightful spikes for grip while sprinting on the track. Also, remember to take into account the size of your foot to avoid going back and forth your stall for a change.

In an office environment appearance is among the things that should come in handy after your character. Your appearance should represent the company that you work for. What you wear to work is key to presenting your image and this is never complete without the right shoe. Office, dress or work shoes are designed to be worn by people when they are adorned in their formal clothes such as tuxedo, suit or tie or when they are going to work in factories or construction jobs. Most dress shoes should be made of dark-colored leather or other matching colors. Ensure that the choice of your shoe does not clash with those of your formal clothes. They should also be made of shiny leather to allow for some polish. Nonetheless, this does not have to apply for work shoes since they only need to be designed of strong leather to protect your foot against harmful chemicals or sharp objects. It is advisable when choosing work shoes to go for those shoes that enhance rigidity, strength and durability. Also remember to keep your shoes clean to your office and you should try to avoid shoes that have lots of decoration since you don’t want your shoes to over power the clothes that you are wearing.. Choosing the perfect shoe for the right gender is also very crucial since there are no unisex shoes when it comes to office wear. When going for a casual wear, if you are a lady, high heels will bring out that look that you so much desire. Avoiding too high heels is also key in order to prevent distractions and prevent your moderate sized dresses from appearing shorter than they really are. On the other hand if you want to have that kind of a respectable and no nonsense man, go for those expensive but simple shoes and you shall not be disappointed. You can also try some boots but take care depending on your size and the weather conditions. Tall gentlemen with tall boots look more commanding than they really are, whereas for the simple man simple casual foot wear and low heeled boots go in handy. Boots are an important wear during rainy and cold season.

Casual wear is mere diverse and flexible especially so when it comes to footwear. What to wear on casually is more dictated by fashion rather than comfort and style. It is even more fun when shopping for casual wear since you do not have to consider factors such as color since no one knows what effect you want to bring out or gender since there is a wide variety of unisex casual wear to choose from. If you want to feel comfy in your shoes or you want shoes to match your outfit such as jackets, jeans or long skirts then fringe boots, sneakers or any kind of open shoes such as sandals. When it comes to casual wear you are free to be more experimental and innovative since casual wear is meant to allow you do your daily chores more effectively and to be more mobile. Nevertheless before you go about being innovative and creative in what you wear remember to take into consideration the type of weather and the climatic conditions of your place. You don’t want to be out there in your sandals when it is raining or go skiing in your stilettos. It is therefore very important to choose the rightful casual footwear for the right weather, purpose and activity. During rainy weather rubber or rain boots should come as a first priority in your wardrobe. Also use these boots when going out fishing or to the farm to keep off water or rain from your feet. Hot climates require more diverse footwear and shoes that allow the legs to breathe more comfortably without any trouble. You can invest more on sandals and fancy sneakers for this kind of weather. (Wales, 2010)

Fashion shoes are available for a wide range of sizes, color, shape and cost depending on gender, status and many other factors. If you are the type who is always on the fore front to ensure that fashion does not elope you, ensure that you pay frequent visits to your nearest stalls since fashion is a day- in day –out phenomena. Even with all this in mind try to ensure that your shoe rack is also filled with shoes that do not fluctuate in terms of fashion and style. You can choose old school shoes that have remained in the fore front in the fashion lines.

The right kind of shoe is critical to any activity that you are involved in therefore a good shoe choice is mandatory in whatever you do. Shoes are not worn without the correct attire to compliment the entire make up. Shoes should be worn with the right socks. Invest in the correct socks for your shoes. Socks are a part of your shoes for they help to reduce or absorb sweat and prevent chafing of the foot with your shoe. To ensure this, the material of your sock should take into account for effectiveness. When thinking about making a purchase of the correct shoes take into account all that pertains to the shoe, the purpose, size, weather conditions, cost and most of the entire image that you want to portray about your being. Remember your dress code is never complete without the correct shoe.



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