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Mass Communication

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The history of mass communication has been one of the most controversial topics. Mass communication is said to have been brought into the limelight as a result of the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century (Campbell & Martin, 2011, pp. 316). Mass communication began in the 1041B.C when the China people invented printing using separate movable characters. The printing press is the first tool of mass media that was invented in 1440 by the German Johannes Gutenberg in the Holy Roman Empire.

Moreover, following the development of the printing press in the late 15th century gave rise to some of the first forms or tools of mass communication. Both social and economical cultures of most countries were altered as a result of mass communication. On economic grounds, it led to the advertisement on newspapers by businessmen instead of moving place to place with their goods to advertise. Likewise on social grounds; village story-telling and word-of-mouth also lost its following and therefore the social structure changed completely (Baran, 2009, pp. 261). The most recently form of mass communication is the iPods which is a devise that can be used in transferring or receiving information from around the globe. If I could be given the opportunity to change anything in the mass media; it would be in the field of movies and some television programs. This is because; you will find that some programs or movies that should not be availed to the little kids are easily available. Eleanor (2006) also confirms that there should be age limit.

In conclusion, it is evident that mass communication has undergone a process of advancement and currently it has made the process of conveying or receiving information to be possible around the globe. 

Buy custom Mass Communication essay paper cheap

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