Free Custom «How News Changed Over the Years» Essay Paper

Free Custom «How News Changed Over the Years» Essay Paper

Change is evident over the years in regards to news; it is very evident in the coverage of events that occur worldwide. Over the years it would take very long for news to be broadcasted by the anchors; however there has been live coverage of events and timely and accurate coverage. The quality of the pictures broadcasted have also changed a lot, the development of technology has introduced digital pictures that are crystal clear. For instance the 3dimensions camera and plasma televisions make the view have a more clear view of the presenter and the news presented.

Today, news can be viewed from any part of the world, there are numerous presenters presenting the news where one may be in London, while the other is in New York just presenting. The two presenters will cover different events during the same news cast. In fact there are those presenters in the field who cover the action live and will be able to reached in the field to give an accurate account of the events that are being covered.

Although there was a distinction between the different types of news in the earlier days, today there are exclusive news coverage programs for international, business and sports news. In all these they are presented by a different news anchor as opposed to earlier days where only one anchor would read all the news of the day. For instance, a comprehensive coverage of news for Africa, Asia, America and other continents will be held separately to understand the issues in those areas; for example the world business today, and Inside Africa.

The personnel have also changed in the dressing; in the earlier day’s news anchors were more used to formal wears. However, nowadays most will be dressed casually but presentable. In addition, nowadays the presenters always aim to be interactive with the listeners so as to capture their attention as opposed to earlier days where they would just read the news with no interactive segments. Earlier as seen in the first video the presenter would read a long script giving the history and numerous details that could be avoided when videos are shown of the story.

The personnel are also interactive with the audience in that they can chat and be themselves when they are presenting the news; they can give opinions, ask questions to witnesses and seek clarifications during the news on a particular event. The news cast today also includes interviews from news makers and experts to give a deeper perspective on a story of the day. This was not common in earlier days as news would just be read and no explanations or in-depth analysis for the news covered.

There have also been changes in the news briefs that run on the face of the television as the news is presented. This makes the audience get to know the briefs that will be aired in the next cast or other news happening in the globe. The briefs are also categorized in local news, international, business and sports.

CNN has continued to cover news comprehensively and has global presences; this is made possible by the correspondents and news reporters in different countries. The manner in which CNN presents its news reports is quite professional; they give an insight in every story told. They get the facts and figures in every story and present background information before they can embark on the story. They also give diverse angles to the news and cover any developing story from the main story; consequently they ensure that no bits are left in every story by following it to the end.



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