Free Custom «Executive Summary» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Executive Summary» Essay Paper

Internet use is still in its infancy. Therefore, any study dealing with this topic needs further study. Nevertheless, there are significant studies that go on to offer insight into communication and social relationship defining the networked users. The studies point out contrasting results as consequences of Internet use. While one group of study hails internet technology as heralding revolutionary consequences with positive impacts, the other set of studies offer a gloomy picture pointing out the negative impact of Internet on its users. The users of Internet have been found to suffer from multiple personality disorders. They are also seen cut-off from friends, families, neighborhood, and society leading a life of depression and anxiety. In fact both these studies suffer from several deficiencies including the fallacy of technological determinism. It is important for us to understand that technology is not the cause of the studied impacts ? positive or negative.

On the contrary there are several social factors determining the use of technology in a way it is being used. In other words networking is a social need, for which this technology provides an opportunity; communication is a social need for which this technology provides an opportunity. However, Internet as a technology has added new dimensions to communication, relationship, business, knowledge, and almost any other aspect of human social, personal, and community life that this technology offers. Finally, this technology also raises ethical issue for the users of Internet. The ethical issues arise from the fact that Internet offers anonymity on one hand and collects private and confidential information pertaining to the users on the other. These issues also demand that private and public domains must be redefined; privacy and anonymity issues also need to be addressed to comply with ethical and legitimate concerns. Introduction The mankind moves with innovations. In every part of life changes comes through innovations.

Right from the use of stone made weapons to the star war and abacus to the modern super computers. The history tells the importance of innovation. The complete society, whether it is business, industry or politics benefits from innovation. Still many companies face problem in innovation or did not take innovation with the seriousness it requires. Innovation is a process Innovation is a process not just static. Man?s hunt for newer things and technology results in innovation and changes in life styles. As it is there in any case innovation also got two sides one for a good change and other for a bad out come. From the organization?s point of view innovation is very important. Many organizations now see innovation from a very important angle. A good leadership is mandatory to complement innovation. There will be people with creative ideas in any organization. But identifying and encouraging the talents is equally important.

In some organization the management see innovative people as a threat to there own position and never take an extra step to appreciate or identify the efforts of these people. Even in some situations management discourage innovation due to the perceived threat to their position. ICT and Growth Impact of ICT on environment sustainability has only recently been focused on as reliable data was scant and varied. Environmental impacts of ICT can therefore be only gauged at. Also environmental impacts of such technologies may largely depend on specific circumstance of usage. Some consider ICT as case of unsustainable production and consumption as increasing waster stream of electrical and electronic equipment comes with improvements and introduction of newer and ?better? ?more efficient? hardware ?many critics see the fast spread of ICTs as a symptom for modern materialism and short-term consumerism? (16). However to do justice we should incorporate the usefulness that ICT has on producing enabling environment and improvement of productivity ?

the two way impact rather than only the deleterious effects. It is true that use and disposal of ICT is a serious environmental issue as materials used in ICT may be toxic with short life cycles besides consuming energy. ICT?s are essential to improvement of productivity and natural resources so it is a catch 22 to either worry about one issue or the other ? what may be required are efficient processes to reduce environmental pollution arising out of necessity of modernization and adaptation of technology (Berkout & Hertin, 2004). How do people perceived changes Technology There is one study done showing how people find the benefits that information technology offers. Some of the astounding responses are as follows (Social Networks, 2004): 1. When we talk about business and/or income, information technology presents a better image to clients 2. It ensures Better quality product/service 3. It is a more effective means of external and internal communication 4. It Improves access to and sharing of information 5. It Increases efficiency of task performance 6. It Improves analysis/design evaluation 7. A faster/easier exploration of alternatives 8. It offers better control of information 9. It offers an ability to impose order and implement standards 10. Faster/more efficient cycling of information 11. Better integration of information/tasks 12. Improves checking/Reduction in number of errors 13. Improves management control 14. It offers a more flexible distribution of work Voice technology and mobile payment Most of the consumers were attracted to the convenience brought by mobile payments. The technology helped them to transact easily and removes hassles of having to get cash and most primarily is the time they saved. Generally, consumers preferred mobile payments on paying for services like in purchasing tickets wherein most of them enjoyed the convenience of the technology and this was the initial value point considered by the consumers. In Japan alone, they registered successful data service through the technology wherein they applied this even in ring tone devices, in operating vending machine. The confidence of customers grew in terms of the usage patterns of the technology and the services applied for money. The research was based on eMarketer?s data for mobile phone payments. Analysis and trends were related and gathered through e-business, emerging technologies, and online marketing. The aggregates of eMarketers analyzed various data from their compilation and online marketing statistics. Mobile phone payments increased globalization since the technology promoted diversity and it could also be applied as an effective healthcare intervention particularly in developing countries. However, it was not easy to generalize the advantages because of the different outcome measurements. The overall cost effectiveness through mobile phone was still limited and rare and the interventions is quite weak (Global Payment, 2008). Mobile phones indeed made headlines in most developing countries because of its role in organizing the world.

The true power of mobile phone payment technology was realized in Japan and it is revolutionizing the circulation of money. In developing countries, the markets utilized mobile phones for banking services and the intervention of technology was considered as crucial especially for those people who lived in rural areas and only rely on money sent home by their relatives or members of their family. The dramatic growth of mobile phones outnumbered the cash machines and they paved new set of services that turn mobile phone as banking tool with the potential to increase the economy and globalization. The people have vast number of access to financial products wherein the expansion of technology was even directed to microfinance which could allow small loans and could changed lives of millions. The future Future of any industry lies in how it takes on disruptive innovation. Innovation is an ongoing process in any industry. But mere innovation is going to be just addition of the product features or end up with mere up gradation of the product. So the firms and the industry as whole should strive of disruptive innovation. This will bring in enormous changes and beyond the expectation of consumers and other market participants. Disruptive innovation is the only way to reach the underprivileged and the poor people. If there were no such innovation in the technology many of these products and services would have been unattainable for the masses. But innovations made technology to a more populist role and viable to the common man. Regenerative Neurotechnology and self cleaning cloths are another area where nanotechnology is going to make an impact. The future of the industry lies in nanotechnology. The industry should be able to conduct researches in a view to make disruptive innovations with the help of nanotechnology. This would lead to revolutionary changes in the field of technology. This will also reduce costs and even the poor and under developed countries would be able to utilize the advantage of technology.



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