Free Custom «The Plaza Inn» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Plaza Inn» Essay Paper

The PlazaInnlocated within a short distance of the Country Club Plaza and thecrowncenter districts in Kansas City. The PlazaInnhas fifty rooms designed after the boutique hotels of Europe. TheInnis characterizedby a selfless service attracting business people and those travelling forfun.TheInnwas builtin the 1920s in aclassicVictorian style and renovated in 1985, marking the structural changes that have happened to the Inn. TheInnis proud of occupying a niche in the Historic Places National Register.

Guest roomsarehighlydecoratedwithfabulousfurnishings and oriental rugs, along with the most recent leisure and business facilities. Any guestsare cateredfor because the Inn carries terry garment robes and marbled showers. All theseare meantto reenergizewearyguests. The PlazaInnis home to two gourmet restaurants. The Plaza’s restaurants include St. Jacques and thecasualAndre’s bar and Bistro. St. Jacques restaurant is proud tohaveaward winning wine list at its premises.

The PlazaInndeveloped anationalclassreputationdue tothe fantasticdirectionof Antoine Fluri. In the year 1987, a magazine known as Travel ranked the Plaza Inn among the ten bestlatestinns of that time. TheInnhas had a privilege toservekey people in the world. Among its list of loyal clients are names like Valery Giscard, formerly French president, Senator Dan Forth, Susan Dan Forth, among many others.

Collaborative strategy iscrucialas far as any organization’s success andprogressis concerned. In order for the PlazaInnto develop a collaborative strategy, it has to underscore theoverallcollaboration strategy, and how best their SharePoint can be leveraged. A collaborative strategy is either synchronous real time or synchronous offline. The Plaza canembraceweb meetings or conferencing and instant messaging. This collaborativestrategyis aimedat improving employee relations and loyal customers whose contacts areaccessible.

Sharepointcollaboration is a synchronous collaboration where the usersadjusttime and space to their ownconveniencewith some level of independence.Here, the users are in a position to perform their duties whenever and wherever, without any constraints from schedules, locations, or varied time zones.This willhelpin achieving high returns and delivery of quality services to customers.

The PlazaInnshould also beextremelymuch concerned with the degree of openness the collaborationstrategywill address. Themanagement,before adopting any collaborative strategy, is obligedtoaskitself some questions. Is it targeted on the project teams with a restrained number of users? Is it more open and community focused or is it centered on individuals and collaboration along social lines? Paying attention to the degree of openness addressed by the collaborative strategy will help assist in defining the lengths of the strategy. The collaboration of the PlazaInnmust be focused on the line of business.

The PlazaInnmust most importantlybeabreast with its goals and objectives and what themanagerintends toachieveafter each reporting period. After all this, the Plaza shouldarrangeandcapture,striveto attract top talent, andfinallydevelopaplatformfor project management. External collaboration with business partners and customers should notbeignored, because these are the nerves of the Plaza Inn. The PlazaInnwill eventually be required to ensure that there iscompliancewith its collaborativestrategy.

Compliance can be achieved by outlining anapproachfor developing the collaborative strategy within the SharePoint. The approach might be thepresentsituation of the Inn, selection of an advisorypanelof shareholders and their requirements, evaluation of SharePoint in order to find out thefitsand gaps. The PlazaInnwill then be required to model high-level future state and ways for executing the solutions.

Identifying thepresentstateinvolves taking an inventory of the present state of collaboration strategy within the Plaza Inn. An example is toknowhow people collaborate in these days, that is, through file shares or email. Assembling of shareholders isessentialin order togetinformation on what tools they use, what theygivetop priority to, and the challenges they face. Any answers should be based on how theycollaborate.

TheInnwill also have to look at SharePoint after having looked at stakeholder requirements and the current state. What components of SharePoint does it need that willhelpits SharePointaddressthings out of the box? Room for customization or branding of the Plaza Inn is acrucialissue when dealing with SharePoint. The Plaza will also be required tohirethe services of a technology consultant or a Microsoft sales engineer.

On the roadmap, achieving the set goals in a collaborative strategy focusing on the ideal state and the vision willyieldbountifully. In order to achieve this goal, the current state of the Inn will helpimmenselyin assessing whether all requirements inmeetingstakeholders’ requirements are in place.The Plaza’s front desk has a number of hurdles. When business was picked upafter the end of the Gulf War, aneleganttypedesk wasinefficientto be staffed by more than oneindividualat a time.

Lack of proper facilities at the desk led to scheduling of only one receptionist per shift. There was no PBX operator and no secretarial staff. Thisstrainedsignificantly the multi-tasking receptionist, because he or she was responsible for answering thetelephone, takingmanagementstaff’s messages, bookingroomand restaurant reservations, apart from providingguestservice. This was due to poor technology advancements. There are computers these days that are much faster and more efficient than the concierge type desk. This willeasethe receptionist’s workload, something that willtranslateto quality of services.

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This is achievable because there will not only be one receptionist, but also a PBX operator and a secretarial staff that will be taking messages for the management staff. The sales department can also be connected to the computerized property management system,hencemaking itindependentfrom the front desk. In order for the PlazaInnto run smoothly, thecultureof piling up unfounded allegations on workers shouldstop. Blaming individuals for some failures in the Innareanorm, which should be changed if thebusinessis torealizeenormous returns. Callousness is also another thing ofcultureat the Plaza Inn; this is so because an employee like Bart believed that nobody was capable ofbeing promotedto the position of a front desk manager. If these issuesare properly addressed, the PlazaInnwillthriveto amaze the world.



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