Free Custom «Managing and Organizations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Managing and Organizations» Essay Paper

Functions of management explain the work of a manager. The common and major functions of management are; planning, organizing, leading, controlling. There are other relevant factors usually considered. The functions of management also classify the form of management. Every business has the duty of ensuring that it addresses the four functions wholly. From experience, it has been observed that most businesses fail due to lack of proper management (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).


Planning is a function of management and involves addressing objectives and setting the direction of the business. A plan defines the route to be followed in attaining the desired results. Environmental conditions affects and the future and likely affects the planning. Political activities are a major determiner of the development of business (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).This is because they set rules that govern the operations. An effective manager must portray good decision making traits.

Planning involves several steps. There is environmental scanning in respect to economic conditions, competition, possible clients. Forecasting is very necessary. Every plan comes with objectives. The steps to be followed in achieving the desired results are very critical at this stage. There are different types of planning; we have strategic planning, tactical planning, and operational planning among other types of planning (Forssell, 2008).

Amanda smith took a courageous step in opening up a new business; this is an endeavor that is most people fear to engage. Amanda smith has tried in the areas of planning. She has gone ahead and developed a mission statement “accounting office of choice for small business owners who need accounting services and the tax service of choice for small businesses and individuals in her community”. The strategy was also well developed by Amanda smith. She has set the desired path to be followed by the junior employees. I do not see any weaknesses in the area of planning. Amanda had done an excellent job and hoped the work will make a nice living from it. Smith accounting company mainly focused on small businesses and advertising of the company is well focused.


Organizing is a function of management and involves designing organizational structure in which human capital is part of the organization. Framework of the organization is the structure of the organization; referred to as the organizational design. Organizing involves the duties of individuals in the organization. This enables efficiency and effectiveness. This mainly referred to us the job design decisions (Forssell, 2008).

Organizing reflects on recognizing of activities, classification of activities in the groups, allocation of duties, and delegation of duties, coordinating confidence and building relationships (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).

Amanda smith was dedicated in seeing the success of the company Smith accounting services. We see that Lisa and Amanda are dedicated workers. Amanda did a great job in organizing and the company had met its employees once per week. There was the hiring of qualified accountants and they were assigned duties in their respective home areas to reduce the transport costs. Lisa did everything; she did book keeping and secretarial work, answered the phone, set appointments, placed advertisements, cleaned the office and kept the business moving in the right direction.

In my opinion, things went wrong when Amanda assigned Lisa the duty of knowing where the other accountants were destined to work. Amanda lost control of the business as he could not monitor the work of the employees. Amanda over relied on the accountants terming them as the professional who needed not to be followed up in their work. Some accountants relaxed and did shoddy work. These problems got serious to a level that the company could not answer client’s queries on time.


Staffing is a function of management that involves manpower involved in the production of goods and services (Management sturdy guide, 2008). The business environment is ever changing; forcing businesses to attribute proper human capital  Staffing reflects on organizing skills to the right job for maximize output, recruitment, training and development, remuneration, performance appraisal, promotions and transfers among many other activities that involve humans (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).

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Smith accounting Services Company did the best in hiring qualified people. Amanda had a degree in accounting and had certified public accounting skills backed with three years’ experience. Lisa had no poor academic credentials; and she was accorded numerous of the administrative work. This was one of the problem origins. Amanda believed Lisa too much yet she had no expertise to perform the duties.  The accountants hired are qualified in their work. The main challenge came up in the follow-ups. Their work was not counterchecked creating massive errors.


Leading is a critical aspect in every business. A leader has the duty of influencing people towards a desired target. For the leaders to be effective, the manager must have the skills to motivate people, communicate effectively and proper use of power. It is not right to use power in intimidating subordinates employees (Forssell, 2008).

Leaders must understand their employees; this is one of the tools that leaders must have to run a company effectively. Employees have different opinions; and it is necessary to have time and listen to all these lifestyles. Employees feel valued when their leaders give them a moment of being listened. Behavioral science is vital for all leaders. Motivating employees is another critical aspect leadership (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).

Amanda failed to lead in the proper way. She could have evaluated individual performance of the accountants. Lisa got awarded and enjoyed small tokens. The accountants were set free to work independently. Amanda lost control of the company. In my opinion; Amanda had the duty to evaluate individual work, which she failed. There were numerous errors and in summer; Amanda spent the whole time sorting the problems which could have been realized and sorted in time. The errors in the tax returns were beyond the accepted level proofing substandard work.


Controlling involves making sure that performance is constant and in level to the expectations. Controlling involves establishing the performance standard, comparing actual performance against the set standards. This is common stated in monetary terms. Performance can be established in various ways. Measurement of performance is done through; financial statements, reports of sales, production results, customer satisfaction and performance appraisals (Forssell, 2008).

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Controlling should never be extended to the employees. It is not right to follow up mature people as they work. Existence of plans is critical in controlling the business. There should be a clear and well understood control measures to avoid people getting out of board (Clegg, Komberger & Pitsis, 2005).

Amanda lost control of the smith accounting Services Company. The moment Amanda gave Lisa the duty of assigning the accountants the work satiations. She lost control. Lisa herself was not a qualified accountant. How could she manage accountants? It was the duty of Amanda to go through the work of accountants; and enable accuracy of the data involved. The problem got serious to an extent that figures could vary with 100 and 175. The control is very vital. It makes sure all employees are working at the same pace. Amanda assumed that motivation to the accountants could be attained automatically. Amanda failed to measure the employee’s individual results. Negative information helps the company to improve. This should never be ignored.

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Management is a social science. It involves responsibility for economical and effective planning and regulation of the business operations. The set targets are emphasized to be met by the proper management.



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