Free Custom «British Airways» Essay Paper

Free Custom «British Airways» Essay Paper

British Airways is one of the most developing airlines and the biggest international scheduled airline in the United Kingdom. This company is responsible for flying into around 400 destinations worldwide (CS Report, 2011). The company is one of the leaders in carrying business and leisure passengers to various destinations. It is also has a profound social responsibility activities and has won a number of awards.

The company has been experiencing some financial slowdown during the last couple of years. As an illustration, the revenue of British Airways (BA) has dropped by roughly £1 billion to £7,994 million while in 2009 it constituted £8,992 million (BA, 2010). However, BA officials have noted that this fact should not be drastically damaging for the long-term goals of the company.

British Airways has is an active member of the community, which was also distinguished by multiple awards in this area. The company has got goals in such areas as environment, community, marketplace, and workplace. Looking at all those goals and examining their contents one can draw a conclusion that the company has a strong sense of responsibility and is ready to take decisions that would benefit the local and global communities. For instance, the airlines raise £2 million annually for the charities that it collaborates with. Moreover, one of the environment goals is to recycle 50% of its waste (BA, 2011).

As one can see, British Airways is a company that continues to grow and carry on its strong traditions and high values. The passengers who travel with the help of this carrier can be assured of superior service level, comfortable and continuously improving aircraft, and high safety standards.



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