Free Custom «Trends in Records Management» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Trends in Records Management» Essay Paper

A law firm management change daily to reflect its nature of client base, but work setup is based on the ever-changing technologies and mutual traditions of working. Law firms have to use working space more efficiently. This come with good management trends in the office. The main objective is making clients satisfied (Vaagan and Byrne 103). Law firms have invested in technology as a trend in making profits, improving client service and increasing productivity as well as to stay competitive.

Information technology has been a challenge for law organizations. A new information system for records comes along before a law firm finds a solution to the challenges raised by older technologies. The disadvantage is that information technologies will always have some reservations attached to them as far law management is concerned. Record managers opting to have advanced technologies have to decide whether that danger militate in opposition to the use of a known technology (Peggy 55).

Records managers have found a litigation function friendly and this trend will of course continue. Demands positioned upon records management in the near future will expand for various reasons. As litigation is becoming more and more complex so is the information invention part of it is also getting more intricate and meticulous, thus inserting a greater urgency on records managers to create more, and more complex, information systems. Records and data systems are growing in range and complication. Complete bulk of information is not only on the increase. This information is now kept in electronic devices in a vast number of set-ups, on very complicated systems that they make systematic searches fairly difficult. Backup schemes, complex file scheme, relational databases and various tools provide avenues to exponentially increase the places where information linked to a known legal issue may come be found. All this augments the threats for errors and significantly increase the costs of generating information for litigation (Jean 52).

Attorneys are becoming more demanding in approaching and obtaining information form their opponent’s proceedings and schemes. The advantage to this is that a record manager who effectively deals with these improvements will be the one to assertively handle the total information set focus to these reflections. In combination to that conquering record manager will assertively decrease the total load through proceedings preservation actions. In addition, records managed on electronic media will as well be cautiously and carefully included into the maintenance program. So those records administrators who successfully integrate automated ways into their maintenance efforts will have the biggest victory. Disadvantages is that no assertively leading records kept in action, especially retention, is absolutely free of risk either as a political issue in the institution or as a lawful issue outside of the institution. The only successful record keepers will be those who are able to precisely evaluate the authentic level of uncertainty and work in a situation where that level is greater than zero (Jean 55).

The courts

Parallel with the matters of litigation complication and rate of recurrence is the fact that courts are screening the litigation innovation development with a rising pessimistic eye. Cases have occurred where parties abused the lawful setup in discovery by concealing or wipe out evidence or by not telling the truth about its presence. The courts are conscious that such performances are fairly frequent. Suitably, the courts have responded with new rules that have significantly reduced the time frames in which information have to be created for the other side, and obligation to create information has been expanded. They have also introduced punishment for failure to respect that duty.  The record managers have realized the image dilemma that corporate records management increasingly deals with courts and juries and fairly develop strategies that respond to this awareness. The most significant component is developing a competent and precise records system, so as to keep away from doubts in the first place. If records keeping activities are considered, it will become increasingly essential and desirable to make it formal for those actions and document them in such a way that is presentable and legitimate to the common people in a jury.

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Professional status and standards

This is one of the trademarks of an area’s ascend into specialization is the development of expert standards. Records custody and management is gaining its professional status, and through it come matters and risks. So the records managers must tackle those issues. One of the most important issue is responsibility. Most attorneys and other professionals are subject to individual accountability for their actions, and unprofessional conduct claims or expertise punishment when they are suspected to have erred. It is an advantage for experts who have take pleasure in this status for some time for they are normally paid to counter those risks, but for newcomers it will be undesirable. The problem with this is that every now then industry standards keep on improving and records managers have to come to terms with it. Like what we call in sport, the rising bar syndrome, the capacity of the best players is increasing, and all records managers are judged against those most excellent players. So for the average managers they find it necessary to advance their standards.


Records management, which was once a somewhat dull and calm area, is courageously venturing into new territory. This is not however a venture for the faint-hearted. There are risk awaiting the venture, but success lies ahead for those record managers who are bold and adventurous.   



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