Free Custom «Standards of Ethical Conduct» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Standards of Ethical Conduct» Essay Paper

According to the Standards of Ethical Conduct, the accounting employees are bound to make decisions that are ethical. This decisions that are made should be in the interest of the company and the community as far as the profits are concerned ethical aspects with respectful acts that are just and fair to all the stakeholders is critical. Mr. Borrough’s decision to increase the sales of the Bio Labs seeds as opposed to the Scientific Associates seeds exposes him to violation of the standard code of conduct that governs managers. Borrough also acted unethically as he focused more on profitability as opposed to social conscience.

Mr. Borrough as World Agra Distributors’ chief financial officer defied the integrity management accountant code of conduct. Without doubt, Borrough acted unethically as he went against the code of conduct this is clear through his actions and decision. Borrough did not avoid conflict of interest by failing to advise the consumers on the Bio Labs Inc. seeds lack of taste and crop yield as compared to Scientific Associates seeds.

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Borrough actions as he carried out his duties were unethical. Borrough act of advocating for an ad campaign is contrary to the codes stipulation of refinement from subverting the attainment of the organization’s legitimate and ethical goals. As the code, expects recognition of professional limitations that would prevent successful performance of an activity. Borrough defied this code as he foresaw the ethical limitation of deceiving customers by not revealing the all information whether favorable or unfavorable through his act he discredits his profession.

In conclusion, Borrough acts as he performed his duty as chief financial officer clearly portrays his greed for profits at the cost of consumers. Without doubt, his actions that violate the code of conduct that governs his office, shows how Borrough decisions are unethical. As a result, of his actions Borrough shows disrespect for the company customers besides his office. Indeed, Borrough failed in his duty as a chief financial officer.


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