Free Custom «Reflection Paper» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Reflection Paper» Essay Paper

Question 1

Concerning the massive in the size and scale corruption within Siemens, the punishment was acceptable to both the company and other employees involved in the fraud. I believe that the best way to treat any corrupt activities is to make individuals and organizations involved to pay heavily for the losses suffered because of such illegal actions. In this case, the corrupt activities at Siemens had massively affected people in the developing economies, which did not get the full package of the contracts aimed at improving infrastructure and social amenities. Therefore, I consider the punishment acceptable because the company deprived many people of enjoying the quality services. If I were the new Chief Ethics Officer, I would have handled this situation with the highest level of urgency it required. I understand that the corrupt activities have the capacity of harming the reputation of any company, and limit its operations for years. Therefore, I would have immediately ordered the dismissal of all the individuals implicated in the corruption scandal. This step would have been followed by the formulation and immediate implementation of a new strict code of ethics for the company and all its employees. The code of ethics will abandon any form of corruption and outline the consequences for any member of the company participating in such activities.

The corruption could not be justified by the fact that bribery was legal in Germany until 1999. Accordingly, any corrupt activities are an ethical issue and all businesses have to operate in line with the ethical standards. The company could have reasoned that the corruption was both an illegal and unethical activity; hence, it should be avoided completely. The acceptance of bribery should not have allowed Siemens to take advantage of and engage in the corrupt activities because it was a multinational company supposed to be a role model for other companies around the world. Therefore, the legality of bribery in Germany until 1999 did not justify the company’s engagement in corruption because this was a direct violation of the ethical standards in business. The company could have made a shift to refine its ethical practices through effective security screening of all its employees. Employees were obviously involved in different corrupt activities that occur within the organization. The company could have made the shift to refine its ethical practices with such radical changes in the policy by ensuring that each employee was committed to the ethical standards. Moreover, the company could have made a shift to observe the ethical standards by designing a clear plan of ethical conduct for everyone involved in its activities. It should be strict when it comes to following the guidelines outlined in the ethical policy.

The online research reveals that Siemens Global has recently adopted some developments relating to the ethics policies and protocol. One of the key points is that Siemens has employed Michael Hershman who is one of the co-founders of Transparency International. The company believes that it will gain a greater pace in its fight against corruption with the advice offered by Hershman. He advises the company on the anti-corruption measures and the best ways of dealing with the corruption in the company. Additionally, the online research indicated that Siemens has come up with the new rules and compliance practices to improve its ethical dealings. For instance, it has employed about 500 full-time compliance officers to ensure that the corrupt activities are effectively reported within the company via its hotlines. Every person is required to follow all the rules on corruption, and avoid any activities believed to be corrupt in the company. Siemens has also set up the employee training programs to improve its internal culture and avoid all types of the corrupt activities among its employees. The organization has decided to focus on putting its employees on the required track in terms of ethics and reporting unethical practices in any part of the world, because of their direct involvement in the operations of the organization.

Question 2

The following is an ethics policy for the company, for which I work as the CEO.

Ethics Policy

This policy is a subject to review with the changing industry trends. All board members, employees, and committee members should,

1) Listen to all the company’s stakeholders and meet their expectations objectively without being compromised or forced to favor some stakeholders at the expense of the others.

2) Respect the confidentiality of the organization and all other stakeholders dealing with and within the company, and that relating to our stakeholders.

3) Accept no form of commissions, gifts, promises, and payments from anyone seeking unethical benefits from the company.

4) Be transparent in all the company’s dealings and be accountable for ant activity if called upon.

5) At all times, act in line with the desired ethical standards in the best interest of the company. They should not allow personal interests to overtake the company interest.

These additional corporate culture values would be utilized in the operation of the organization for its overall success.

  1. Integrity. It will be observed strictly to ensure everyone is consistent in the actions.   
  2. Teamwork. The spirit of cooperation and employee involvement is to be upheld when working in the ethical organization.
  3. Quality. The company will be focused on providing the customers with the high value for their money.

Accordingly, I plan to implement this plan in my organization through the training activities. The trainings will be conducted frequently to provide the employees with the opportunity to comprehend everything that is required of them in terms of the commitment to the highest ethical standards. All trainings will all be focused on keeping the employees in the company and ensuring all goals are achieved in the best way possible.



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