Free Custom «Qatar News Agency» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Qatar News Agency» Essay Paper

Qatar News Agency (QNA) is a news agency that is ran by the government of Qatar. QNA, established through the Emiri Decree number 94 of the year 1975, provides news in English and Arabic in Qatar and the rest of the Gulf region (Rugh, 2009).

There are numerous duties played by the QNA. First, it enormously help in classifying, enquiring and  monitoring information associated to the state of Qatar, whether broadcasted or published by numerous media sources (Qatar News Agency, 2011). The urgency follows up news and activities of both the private and government sectors, publishes them as well as show the achievements made by the Qatar Government in all spheres inside and outside the country. As indicated by Rugh (2009), QNA, which is a member of WAN (World Association of Newspapers) and ANAU (Arab News Agencies Union), collect and monitor information regarding the State of Qatar from different Arab, international media and the internet. The collected information is classified and documented for future use by the government and stakeholders.

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Other duties carried out by the agency include representing the State of Qatar in numerous media forums, organized in and out of the country, overseeing the setting up of conferences and centers, among other technical and professional changes and developments, all related to the media. Generally, the duties of QNA are carried out in coordination with various establishments and organs of the state, such as the ministry of information.

It is evident that, QNA plays an immense role in shaping the way people in Qatar and the rest of the Gulf region access and consume information. It is in this regard that, the agency must adhere to the principles of best practices, in order to win the confidence of people in Qatar as well as the rest of the world (Rugh, 2009).


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