Free Custom «Jean's Company Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Jean's Company Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

Target Market

Jean Company deals with pure fruit juices. It will be located in Oakland City in California in the United States. The target group will comprise of individuals between 5 to 60 years. According to the Government statistics performed in 2015, Oakland has a population of approximately 419, 267 persons. 28% of the population are people in the age group from 5 to 60 years, thus, the company is targeting approximately 117,395 persons. The main idea behind the business is the health factor given that fruits are useful and nutritious as compared to other beverages. In addition, Oakland is one of the cities with favorable weather conditions and a good place to take cold drinks at any time of the year (United States Census Bureau, 2016).

According to the government’s demographic statistics of 2015, 80.6% of the citizens aged above 25 years have graduated from high school or other higher educational establishments. It is an indication that the target audience will understand the advantages of drinking fruit juices as compared to other drinks. Economic data shows that median household incoming in 2014 was $52,962, while the persons in poverty amounted of approximately 21.0% of the population. These figures illustrate that most people can afford at least a glass of juice a day. Lastly, almost 60% of persons above the age of 16 years are either employed in civil labor force, manufacturing, retailing or sales business, which is an indication that they can afford buying juice (United States Census Bureau, 2016).

Company’s Market Competition

In its operation, Jean Company will face three types of competitors, namely direct competitors, indirect competitors, and replacement competitors (Brooksbank, 1991). Direct competitors are those with similar products and having the same revenue goals. The direct competitors include Jamba Juice, Blasdell’s Business Products, Marana Café, Café Crush, Fresh and Best Café, Juice A-Go-Go, Antidote Juicery, and T4 among others. Nevertheless, there are many other juice sellers all over Oakland City. On the other hand, substitute competitors may have different products, as well as different revenue goals (Burstein, 2012). In the given case, the competitors may include the ones offering tea, coffee, milk, soft drinks, and beers and wines. They target the same customers, though they have different products. Lastly, the indirect competitors are those that offer similar product but they have a different revenue goals. They include the Jamba Juice, Oakland Hot Plate, U Cha, and Juice Joint Eatery (Yelp, 2016). However, they target almost all population of Oakland City and have more possibilities, which ensures that they enjoy more customers and higher revenue than Jean Company is expecting to have.

Considering such a big number of competitors in the sector of fresh juice (Kleiman, Ng, & Popkin, 2011), Jean Company intends to be different by creating a platform where customers will not only physically come to the company’s stores but will receive a possibility to drink their favorite drinks in the comfort of their homes. It will practically be reached by creating an application tagged “just dial fresh juice”. The application will contain free phone numbers that can be called by the customers to order the juices and wait for their delivery. In addition, the company will hire employees who will deal with deliveries to make them fast so that client did not have to wait for their orders for a long period of time.

For a company to remain competitive, it has to be creative and do things differently (Weiss, 2002). It will deal with not only delivering its products to homes but also to companies, and schools that will be situated around Jean Company. The main goal is to ensure that customers do not have to physically access Jean Company’s stores but they can have their juices anywhere and anytime at almost the same price.

Moreover, it is expected to expand the market share through advertisements and lowering the prices. Through these two methods, the company is believed to win a good market share and remain competitive despite a great number of competitors in the beverage industry.

Company’s Message

Every company needs to develop a message that will reach out to the customers and promise to solve their problems or fulfill their needs (Abrams, 2003). Jean Company strives to achieve a unique selling proposition through its message. The message will be “just dial fresh juice”. It is expected that the message will reach out to as many customers as possible, since it is simple to understand. It is also relevant according to the five F’s of strategic marketing, including function, finance, freedom, feeling, and future.


The first F is supposed to answer the question “How does the message meet the needs of the customers?” (Abrams, 2001). Given the high demand of cold drinks in Oakland, Jean Company will be satisfying customers’ need for this sort of products. In addition, due to the increased knowledge of healthy leaving, customers are demanding for products that are healthy and safer to use. Therefore, Jean will not only be satisfying the need for cold drinks but also for healthy drinks made of fruits.

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The massage is supposed to ensure customers that they will be saving when buying from Jean Company. Consequently, the customers will be ensured that they do not need to leave their houses in order to have fresh fruit juice. On the contrary, they can order their favorite juice from their homes by just dialing and calling Jean Company. This way, they will avoid travel expenses.


Customers need to be sure that it is convenient to do business with the company. As for Jean Company, it aims at ensuring customers that they will have the freedom to drink fresh juices whenever they want. They will only require a mobile application to request for a juice whether at home, workplace or school.


It is crucial to make the customers feel important and valued. Company’s delivery service will be quick and efficient to make sure that customers receive their juices as soon as possible. They will not have to come to the store as the company representatives will deliver the products to them (Allen, 2013).


If people live a healthy life, they will age gracefully. Fruits are full of nutrients important for body building and immunity. If people develop a habit of using fruit juices regularly, they are not only increasing their immune systems but also preparing for a future life with fewer diseases (Clark, 1997).

The Marketing Vehicle

The company will have three main marketing vehicles as described below:

Hosting Beverage Events

Hosting beverage events will ensure that the company reaches as many people as possible. The events will be tagged as “Enjoy Sips of Oakland’s Fresh Juice” Moreover, the celebrities will be involved in promotion of the products. In addition, people will be given an opportunity to sample varieties of product before purchasing.

Online Marketing

Various companies, such as Coca Cola, have utilized the search engine optimization to reach many customers (Pandey, 2012). For Jean Company, the same online vehicle will be used to reach out to Oakland’s population.

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Visual advertisements are always attractive and catchy. For example, Coca Cola Company has very catchy television and YouTube videos. They include songs of famous persons so that people associate the drinks with them. The same strategy will be very effective and will increase the market section of Jean Company. Moreover, it is expected to make various videos approximately once a year.



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