Free Essay Sample «EKU?s School of Business»

Free Essay Sample «EKU?s School of Business»

To start with, the EKU’s School of Business hasa lot of potential to grow and maintain the quality of education to its stakeholders. Now to implement the strategy there are  a number of ways doing it.  First, the school can decide to partner with other institution who offers the same courses at lower level. The partner will use the resources and then agree with EKU school to remit some percentage.

Secondly, EKU’s School of Businesscan partner with banks or financial institutions for funding to expand to other areas of within and without Kentucky. Funds will enable EKU’s School of Business to move theeducation closer to the people. The funds can be used to buy land where new buildings can be erected for more courses. The funds can be used to improve online learning to make it more interactive. The more the students the economies of scale are realized hence reducing the amount spent per student. Through this the online study will be cheaper to those students who cannot afford to travel for physical lessons.

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Third form of strategy implementation is improving the quality of service for the existing customers so that they can be a selling point to the prospective customers. One way is through improving turnaround time should be minimized for all processes. Another way is adhering to best practices of learning institution i.e. ISO standards to govern the service charter of the institute. If this is adhered to, it will lead to growth in numbers and economically.

Finally, the institution should bring on board skilled and specialized personnel to help the school focus on the how to implement and monitor the process so that they can advise on how to achieve the goals. Sometimes the strategies can fail due to unforeseen factors. The team can advice whether to abandon the implementation process or tweak it to suite the dynamism.


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