Free Custom «Business Process Management» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Business Process Management» Essay Paper

Business process management has over time become an integral part for organizations, as it focuses on aligning all aspects of the organization and the needs and wants of its target market. BPM promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization while it is straining for innovation and integrating it with technology. The processes of organizations are usually improved continuously through BPM, thus enabling the creation of room for efficiency and effectiveness while focusing on functional changes. BPM helps organizations to optimize their customer satisfaction with quality products, and thus enhancing timely delivery of it products to the target market.

BPM is a series of activities that have been added value with the collaborators performing their relevant tasks with the aim of achieving a common objective. This process has proved to be critical to any organization as there is increased generation of revenue with significant input of costs. The process is a strategic asset as it is perceived as being a managerial approach, and which must be managed for it to deliver added value to products and services in the target market. The process of BPM can be enhanced and supported through ensuring of its viability of approaches to management during times of change, as it integrates the capability of the organization to change both technologically and humanly.

There is a daunting challenge in the volatile economy by manufacturers in trying to satisfy the ever increasing needs of consumers for the organization to maintain its market share amid the fierce competition in the market while minimizing the costs associated with this operation. The communication that exists between consumers and manufacturers has made it difficult for organizations to understand the preferences, intent and buying behavior of the consumers, which adds pressure to the organization. Organizations need to maintain their competitive edge in their complex environment, and therefore they need to focus beyond traditional approaches which lead to the creation of value chains and collaboration roles.  This is necessary for reducing liabilities, as well as effective delivery of products to the target market.

The incorporation of BPM to organizations that help in adoption of technologies that are usually identified with customers’ needs and preferences. This has the ultimate tendency of achieving the competitive advantage in the industry by the organization, as it helps it address the challenges, thus improving the product quality and innovation of new ones that match the needs of consumers (Brecher, 2011, pp. 23).

Jaguar car manufacturer is a British company that is part of the Land Rover business. Founded in 1922 as a motorcycle-producing company, it later began to manufacture motor vehicles. The company was listed on the stock market before its acquisition by Ford Motors the company and is now involved in manufacturing of cars of different models which has proved the company products’ engineering integrity (Autocar, 1971, pp.152). The company operates in an extremely wide market segments that include sports cars as well as regular and luxury models. Jaguar car company targets the upper class since most of its cars are purchased by members of royal families.

Organizational Structure

An organizational structure is particularly influential in every business as all the organizations must have the power to accomplish their objectives which require some roles to be carried out. The roles of the organization are organized in a manner that is more practical than if there is no organization. Smaller units are created to be responsible for fulfilling the objectives of the whole organization. The units help in coordinating and controlling these sections in a viable way. 

Jaguar was floated as a separate company on the stock market which makes it a public company that is listed on the national stock market. The company enjoys a limited liability status and operates in many international markets. Most of the vehicles it manufactures are widely used internationally as the company has made it possible to produce products that are of high quality and match the expectation of its target markets. The company’s stocks have generally been traded in the US stock market since its acquisition by Ford motor company, and this makes it one of the leading public companies traded in the stock market.

Jaguar company is known for its manufacture of luxury saloons and sports cars which is its main market segment since the 1930s (Jaguar Cars). The company also owns Daimler Company which is commonly associated with Jaguar. The organizational structure of Jaguar is used to show the flow of tasks, though it does not show the mode by which the company communicates. The structure of Jaguar consists of product grouping as the company is involved in various lines of production that are specific for different models in car manufacturing.

The structure of these individual sections operates separately, thus, having advantages accrued with them. The nature by which Jaguar develops its products has advantages that allow for the relaying of information between various teams faster. The negative effects of product grouping are the concentration of only own products to the detriment of other product groups. The key future of an organization’s structure is centralization, as it has the tendency of defining the location of decision-making through which the understanding of the organization responsibility and authority is developed. The CEO is assumed to be responsible for the overall performance of Jaguar company, followed in the next level by the director of marketing.

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The structure of Jaguar company is decentralized, thus bringing decision-making process closer to the levels of operations. When crucial decisions are closer to the operational levels, it is easier to solve problems comprehensively, which develops the leadership skills of the lower level in the organization. This has the tendency of lowering devotion to long-term strategies by Jaguar company brought forth by the dynamics of the market and customers’ preferences to their products.

The formal rules governing a company and the nature of the tasks specify what needs to be done and how. The growth of an organization makes it impossible to rely on the interactions of smaller companies. Thus, Jaguar company is more specialized in its hierarchy which allows it to focus on long-term strategies. The procedure of the company and the rule become essential for controlling operations of the company, as they introduced predictability of the organization.

Business Processes and Systems

There are crossroads that face the manufacturing industries with the supply chain due to the companies upholding their standard of customer support (TechTarget, 2009, pp. 25). This is due to the lack of visibility and control over how the service centers are operated, as there is a lack of efficiency in the process which warrants the replacement of data. Lack of IT expertise or the budget to put up SAP software is the primary factor affecting businesses. In order for the company to find ways of increasing the supply chain viability it has to monitor and try to integrate the critical segments of the business.

The business process management helps businesses to create workflows that are automated, which reduces the amount of time taken to authorize the centers that are involved in the supply chain. By improving communication between service centers and placing indicators of performance, a relative gain in efficiency and effectiveness of the organization can be achieved. Most companies were directing their customers to the nearest service center before the innovation of BPM systems (Heath, 2009, pp. 45). The BPM systems now have the capability of handling all processes to the service centers, thus reducing the complexity of communication in the segments.

The tools of BPM are, therefore, viewed in such a way that there is an increase in the visibility of complexity that exists in the supply chain. The advantage of taking the BPM to function in the supply chain has the tendency of enhancing the productivity of the firms, as the organization acquires information about the updates of the suppliers efficiently enabling actual manufacturing capabilities (TechTarget, 2009, pp.48). The use of BPM to systems that are firmly connected among the different entities helps in the reduction of logistic costs and inventory, thus enhancing a consistent delivery within the required timeline. BPM is a managerial tool that enables companies to improve business processes and performances, as they are getting the visibility which in turn stimulates business processes’ accountability.

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Transformation of businesses supply chains by the BPM tools requires collaboration among the extended partners of the company. Standardization of the processes is usually relied on by the company’s various operating functions through the internal collaboration. The supply chain is initiated where there are processes that spun to the different business units of the company (Brecher, 2011, pp. 89).

BPM has the capability of reducing the complexity application, and this is what Jaguar had to deal with with its external supply chain, and its four walls of manufacturing and development of its products. The company has more than 1500 applications that are vital in its drive to develop car processes, with BPM playing a crucial role in trying to reduce some of the complex situations. It creates workflows that are optimized and automatic, thus bringing all the operational data together. This helps the engineers to gather information of what that is needed to be done. 

The initial focus of Jaguar Company was on using the BPM software tools to create efficiency in the internal operations, with the expansion of its supply chain being the next stage. The company, therefore, increased its collaboration with customers and suppliers leading to higher levels of the company’s transparency. It was able to achieve visibility that shortened the amount of time that was required to develop a vehicle. Effective collaboration with the suppliers helps reduce wastage of time and deliver products to the target market faster than before (McClellan, 2000, pp. 123). This helps the company maintain its leadership positions in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

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Quality Management

Every organization needs to focus on providing products whose quality conforms to the preferences of its target market. Through the use of BPM by Jaguar company, they have been able to meet customers’ specification of their products. The issue of quality is a vital factor for the company to acquire a competitive edge. There are surveys that show that consumers are not satisfied with the different products they use. Thus, Jaguar company has ensured that it develops all the different models of its vehicles to suit the needs of its target market.

Previously conducted studies show that Jaguar company has excellent customer service. The company provides its customers with the highest level of customer care, and thus the company remains focused on building successful relations when selling and servicing of its vehicles. Because the company mostly produces luxury vehicles, they resonate emotionally with its customers.

The vehicles are manufactured with design and performance in mind, coupled with rationality in customer service approach. Service excellence is a business strategy that helps the company overcome economic hardships. This is due to the realization that delivering high quality services has the tendency of differentiating the brand in the ever dynamic market conditions. The increase in commoditization in the automobile industry and globalization has led the company to embark on offering high quality products to its customers and services (Lamb, 2011, pp.99).

The value of customer service is well-known by the luxury brands, as customers have to par a premium for the product in that their luxury brands will thus provide personal service that makes them feel strongly satisfied with the product of their choice. Therefore, the company not only differentiates itself with the product, but by also offers perks that pique the interests of the customers (Lamb, 2011, pp.63). Jaguar company has the tendency of offering the platinum coverage for every vehicle giving the coverage of the vehicle warranty and maintenance at no extra cost.

Jaguar company has embarked on improving its products to cope with the ever changing preferences of its customers. The market places of Jaguar’s outlets have been infrastructure in the whole world to help in the management of revenues which reduce the company’s daily rental of its units to revise the model of actions (Institute, 2009, pp. 45). This marketing strategy will see the improvement of the market profitability as it focuses on branding its vehicles as being the fastest and the most beautiful.

The process of quality improvement calls for a change to cope with the ever-changing market (Garvin, 1984,pp.154). Quality is the primary factor that determines any product on offer in the market. In order for a company to cut cost on marketing, the company must control the quality of its products throughout their lifecycle. Focusing on the aspect of quality will help in reducing the costs associated with marketing (Dave, 2008, pp.56).

Activities conducted in the manufacturing industry, as well as processes and systems help the organization to effectively respond to the supply chain. These business processes help in the implementation of management workflows to effectively and efficiently improve the quality of products. Production of quality and complex products through complex processes increase the challenges of quality management (Bresnahan & Gordon, 1997, pp. 41). The solutions are, therefore, worked out to improve the quality of the products, thus increasing customer satisfaction and protecting the equity of the brand.


Jaguar company has seen many changes throughout its operations as it has been transformed to different entities trying to diversify its operations. Through the use of the BPM, Jaguar company communicates to its different entities of business units around the globe. The business processes have created an efficient and effective internal operation that has enabled it to reduce the costs that are associated with its operations. The use of BPM has speeded the systems that are used in the new processes. They have the tendency of identifying the sources of the data and convert them into processes of their operations.

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The aim of BPM was to fill in the gaps that have left a void in the existing processes of the organization. It links up business systems of businesses that have been acquired by providing full view of information. There are two fundamental tools that can be used in monitoring of the process which include the process audit and control. The actual process of the company is focused by the process audit covering all operational areas. This helps in uncovering the existing gaps and rectifying them, thus improving the success of the process. Process control monitors the process performance by setting the average rate and basing them on the past performance.

Product monitoring is also paramount as it aids the company in evaluating the complete base of customer satisfaction, and, therefore, the company gets feedback from their respective customers regarding the products. The complaints by the customer of the product non-conforming to the standards are addressed in a systematic manner. This helps the company in revising the specifications on the basis of the target market requirements. People are another notable aspect in the process quality system as they are required to be trained to conform to the customers’ quality specifications. The skills of these people need to be evaluated to fill in the gaps and empower them through training. The company needs to determine the training needs and the assessment of skills in order to measure the improvements, as people should be assigned tasks that empower them.



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