Free Custom «?Water for Elephants? by Sara Gruen» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?Water for Elephants? by Sara Gruen» Essay Paper

Occasionally, art (music, text, or an emotional movie), is simply too unnecessarily complex. When the piece of art has excessive events, devices, color outlines, or characters to monitor a movie, a song, a portrait, or a book; these might undergo overindulgence. Water for Elephants is one of those texts with numerous proceedings some of which are truncated or altered in order to suit the requirements of the producer and also to avoid excessiveness. Generally, a book has more details than that a movie based on it. Changes must be made to the movies, some small, some big but all these changes highlight the differences between the two (Bickerstaff 1).

The scene where Marlena and Jacob go back to the circus is one of the scenes that defers in the movie and the book.The scenes are similar in that after Marlene and Jacob escape and get into the train, they later return to the circus (Bickerstaff 2). The difference comes in the reasons that make Jacob return to the circus. In the movie, Jacob revisits the circus because Marlena is abducted after she and Jacob escape, and she starts performing yet again since she’s afraid of her villain husband, August. When Jacob finally arrives at the circus, events unfold. So many things happen simultaneously, while the viewer is kept in suspense; not knowing what rescue plan Jacob has. However, in the book, Jacob goes back to the circus because of his acquaintances. Although the film edition is successful in interpreting the book's account of the scene, still, Marlena’s abduction is more logical than Jacob going back to circus life for the benefit of acquaintances. It is more realistic for a man in love (Jacob) going after his woman rather than his friends.

Although telling a similar tale, the manuscript and the movie "Water for Elephants" have diverse prominence, leading the viewers to varied, but by all means remarkable, occurrences. Hence, Water for Elephants is one of those little mysterious occasions when a movie is more advanced than the paperback it is derived from; when all the slight particulars that usually provoke readers to admire a novel are totally ignored to achieve an improved result.



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