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Spread of Culture in 20th Century

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The 20th century saw a massive spread of culture all over the world and more particularly in the United States. New technology played a very significant role affecting trade, journalism and publication through printing. Thus, this essay seeks to highlight the role of technology in the 20th century culture spread and the significance of these developments.

Inventions and developments related to this trend include scientific knowledge, excellent communication channels and transport facilities. Airlines, cruise ships and space shuttle later took over the initial simple automobiles, freighters and horsesused in transport. The buying and selling of goods across borders was now operating at a new level.

Mass media and the entire field of journalism were utterly transformed. Telecommunications as well as information technology particularly paperback books, computers, the internet and public education saw a major boost. Knowledge was more widely and readily available internationally. The world perception was significantly changed as people’s struggles were known hence a great concern rose in matters of human rights.

Well, this trend was a positive one for the people in the United States. These developments improved the life of Americans. Life expectancy increased significantly. With the new technology, the United States of America was a major contributor in various ways. Amidst all this, the United States emerged as one of the super powers which made its people enjoy a state of economic potential.

In conclusion, new technology was very instrumental in the way culture spread in the 20th century. There was marked developments in trade, transportation and mass media. There was fast transfer of goods, services and information across borders. The United States of America in particular benefited from this trend as it was a key driver of the developments.

Buy custom Spread of Culture in 20th Century essay paper cheap

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