Free Custom «Renaissance and Baroque Art» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Renaissance and Baroque Art» Essay Paper

The Renaissance period was an era that lasted from the 17th century to mid-18th century. First conceived in Italy, the Renaissance then spread to France, Germany Spain and the Netherlands. One of the greatest painters of that period was Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. Michelangelo Buonarroti was an Italian national born on 6th March, 1475 in Caprese town near Florence (Italy) (The best artists). Michelangelo attended a Latin school, and when he was around the age of twelve, he started studying painting as an apprentice under the guidance of a famous painter known as Domenico Ghirlandaio. His first trainings were got from Florentine masters who had specialized in low renaissance: Donatello, Giotto, Signorelli, and Masaccio. Michelangelo was among the greatest artists in the field of Italian Renaissance and was a gifted architect, painter, an engineer, sculptor, and also a poet though he preferred sculpturing (Michelangelo Gallery). The aim of this paper is to discuss about an artwork, The Pieta, done by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The Renaissance period was a time when human figures and images were sculpted and/or painted with thoughtful realism. In the year 1496, Michelangelo travelled to Rome. Here he was given an order by a French Cardinal called Jean de Billheres to carve the Pieta, which is placed in St. Peter’s Basilica (The best artists).

The Pieta Sculpture

Of Michelangelo’s sculptors, I am fascinated by The Pieta. This is a sculpture that was done by Michelangelo, and it depicts Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding him after he died. Michelangelo created a serene, celestial, and youthful Virgin Mary carrying a lifeless body of Jesus after He was taken from the cross. Michelangelo created Virgin Mary not somewhat a broken hearted older woman as created by other artists. Later, Michelangelo engraved his name in the Pieta sculpture after overhearing some people giving credit to other sculptors instead of giving all attributes to him (Garden of Praise).

As a Christian, the sculptor reminds me of the time I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. It was five years ago when my mother took me and witnessed my baptism. The sculpture reminds me of my mother beside me during my baptismal and her encouragement words. I feel connected to my motherly love and the reminder that Jesus Christ died for us so that we will be saved. The sculptor reminds me of my baptism and I have a picture in my wall reminding me the same. The way the Virgin Mary holds her son Jesus Christ in her hands shows how caring she was and the sorrow she was passing through bearing in mind that Jesus had been crucified and at that time He had been taken down from the cross after passing on (Garden of Praise). This event catches me and engulfs me with much sympathy and sorrow for seeing how Mary was so helpless after her son was dead.

Therefore, the baroque style grew in order to cater for the revival, which was happening in the Catholic Church. In architecture wise, this brought about having buildings on a big scale whereby they used those materials, which were richest, and featuring dramatic, complex designs. One of the architects who was involved in making decorations and sculptures was Michelangelo were he carved the Pieta, which was placed in St. Peter’s basilica and made the designs found on the ceiling of Sistine chapel found in Vatican. Hence this work clearly shows the presence of a typical baroque (The Baroque Era).



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