Free Custom «Realism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Realism» Essay Paper

Film realism can be analyzed to be more of “being there” than all the other forms of art. “Being there” is a style of literature that comprises the metaphoric classification of art. It actually refers to presence of an action in the environment, which is different from the one where the doer’s body is. In the literal point of view, “being there” can never occur, since it is not possible for any person to be here and at the same time there. This metaphoric approach of literature applies more to the film realism in various notable instances. In respect of movie production, the director plays the key role, yet he does not have to be present everywhere.

‘Being There’ Approach

Throughout the process of creating a movie, the most active individual in the whole setting is the director. Acting in his capacity as the film director he ensures that all the other partisans involved in the process of movie making perform their roles to the letter. As it can be realized, the metaphor “being there” is widely applicable to the director’s responsibilities. During the process of creating a film, an enormous number of people must work on specific roles geared towards achieving one goal of movie production. These roles include writing scripts, deciding on locations, dressing,sets, making decisions on the actors’ costumes, providing lights for the scene, operating the camera, giving direction to the actors, editing the film, sound tuning, doing sales promotion of the finished product, and showing it to an audience.

Movie director is well placed to oversee the whole film production process. Firstly, during the process of script writing, the producer has to ensure that script writers perform their job as required. The director must “be there” to observe and facilitate this initial stage of film production. In this analogy, the film director may not be physically present on the scene of script writing, though his influence must be felt. Secondly, the film production process involves choosing the actual locality of the movie.  It is equally the role of the producer to properly organize the team charged with the responsibility of location search.

In order to create a proper movie, the actors must be given a proper coordination well in advance. Even though the actors may know what is required of them, the film producer must apply the art of” being there”, otherwise he would be responsible for any mess. In addition, the director must coordinate the entire process of camera shooting during the performance (Lumet, 1996). It is solely the film director who understands the quality of the movie that is eventually to appear. Even though the producer is just an individual, he must be at the overall position of ensuring that all the activities pertaining to film production succeed. Another role of the film director is editing the finalized film to make the corrections. This covers analysis of the entire movie production framework ranging from the plot to the stage management.


 “Being there” is a very important style of literature applicable to the film shooting success. Movie production may include scenario studying, gathering cast together as well as mobilizing actors to remain within the budget. Film director is, therefore, considered as the chief master in the movie production industry. The entire process involves various instances of stress resulting from uncoordinated work patterns. Some of these cases include failure by actors to appear on time, dramatic changes in weather conditions or better performance by the actors when little was expected of them.  All these situations are supposed to be overseen by the film director who cannot be present in all these places at the same time. He, therefore, applies the style of “being there”. 



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