Free Custom «Leonardo da Vinci?s Artwork of Mona Lisa» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Leonardo da Vinci?s Artwork of Mona Lisa» Essay Paper

Mona Lisa, the painting of the greatest French artist Leonardo da vinci, is my favorite piece of artwork. It is known as Portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Completed between the periods 1503-1519, the famous two-dimensional half-length portrait is an oil painting made on a poplar panel. The portrait shows Lisa Del Giocondo in an elegant dress seated against an authentic background. Hitherto, the most popular artwork of the Florentine times is displayed for both public and tourists viewing at the Musee du Louvre, Paris. From the time of its production in the mid Florentine periods to date, Mona Lisa remains the most outstanding classical artwork worldwide that creatively combines all fundamental forms, elements, and techniques of art in one piece.

The portrait is very important to me as an art student based on its authenticity and invaluable artistic aesthetic values. The image of the subject is a seated beautiful woman of the Florentine time and the painting is highly enigmatic. The portrayed beauty of the royal lady is very flamboyant and appealing to viewers because of the romantic facial expression of the subject. Admittedly, the portrait appears newer every single time viewers look at it – a quality that attracts many tourists world over to visit the artwork. Leonardo da Vinci employed extensive use of various art forms and elements in the portrait.

The classical art combines all major forms of art in its composition to create his desirable theme. Leonardo creatively uses tone as the chief form of art in the portrait. The resultant effects of dark, light highlight and shade brings about clear image of the subject. Variation in tone color and sharp contrast coupled with on the poplar panel altogether result into a powerful background upon which the portrait accrues its authenticity. Artistic use of color in the design of the artwork is equally remarkable. It is a sheer surprise to many that Leonardo da Vinci simply used an oil paint to produce such amagnificent painting of the centuries. Harmonious complexion of primary, secondary and tertiary colors on the frame makes this particular artwork peculiar and outstanding in its own right. Many viewers find the portrait cool, attractive and appealing more than any other artwork of the Florentine period.

Secondly, space is another important aspect of the portrait that adds immeasurable weight to its aesthetic value. The world’s renowned artist achieved creation of the three-dimensional background (height, width and length) portrait from the two-dimensional poplar panel through space as a fundamental form of art. The classical artwork is applauded for its exemplary foreground, middle and backgrounds due to alternate amalgamation of negative and positive spaces. Even though all the constituent spaces are distinctive in their hue, objects, and settings, they all blend powerfully to bring out the desired theme of nature and beauty.

Thirdly, a number of shapes – both human and non-humans – are included in space to perfectly portray their lifelike interactions in nature. Admirable human beauty is featured prominently in the foreground while other beauty of nature such as trees, water bodies, sky, rivers, mountains, and distant landscapes dominate the background. As one looks at this portrait, the theme of nature takes a center stage at the back of his/her mind. The core theme of style and elegance contributes immensely to the dominion of the painting among the classical and neo-classical artworks.

In conclusion, Mona Lisa is a half-length dimensional portrait of the Florentine periods that incorporates all modeling of forms and elements of art. Constant harmony within its components, style, and theme of nature and beauty of the time rendered Leonardo’s artwork outstanding among the prominent artworks of the world.



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