Free Custom «Korean Culture Through Films» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Korean Culture Through Films» Essay Paper

Chunhyang is a movie that displays the Korean culture. The director of the movie, Im uses the Pansori folk song as his theme. The Koreans have an attachment to music and folk songs this is brought out through the Pansori folk song that Im uses as a base in his movie. The film concentrates on Korean musical culture. This helps in relating the past cultures to the new generation through films.

Koreans value family relations and this culture are proven in the film when is forced by his father to go back and finish his studies. He obeys his father, he returns Mongryong leaving his betrothed behind. This helps in showing how close the family ties were and how the young ones always respect their elders.

The Koreans have their own mode of dressing they dress in traditional clothes. This aspect of their culture is also shown in the film. The men have their own unique dressing code and the same applies for the women.

The leaders are highly respected in the past in the Korean culture. This is the reason why the new king expects Chunhyang to work for him and even forces her to marry him. She refuses showing that the culture where women were expected to respect men and do as they are commanded is slowly changing. She stands her ground even after she is tortured and thrown into prison. This shows the culture where men could have any woman they desired without any resistance.

In the Korean culture, legends existed and that is why Im puts this fact forth in this film. Mongryong is the hero in this film he is expected to come to the rescue of his beloved wife and rescue her from the hands of her ruthless enemies. Im is trying to portray the Korean culture in the past and now in the 21st century. He shows that some of the cultures have changed according to time.



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