Free Custom « Foreign Film» Essay Paper

Free Custom « Foreign Film» Essay Paper

The Classical Hollywood Cinema is a term used to refer to motion pictures and the mode of production used in the American film industry in film history. It has the style of continuity in editing and character development.

Hollywood has taken over the film industry with other filmmakers trying to conform to their style, something that most at times they do not match up. There is a significant difference between the Hollywood films and the other films known as the global films. This can be seen with reference to the following film.

Wild Strawberries by the Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman, is a captivating film though lacking in a number of ways. It is an example of the global movies as they try to match up to the classical Hollywood films. First of all, looking at the main character in the film, Isak Borg, he is a well-respected professor who will be awarded an honorary degree from a university due to his exemplary work. While on the journey to the university, together with his daughter in law, he reflects on certain aspects of his earlier life which he finds wanting and which paint him to be a cold and unfeeling man. Here, we see an example of the inconsistencies that the European movies have since he comes off as a sweet old man as can be seen the way he chats with his old nurse, Miss Alba and other people he meets. We see that Borg was to be perceived as a cold person yet little evidence of this as seen in the screen. Nearly all the people he encounters seem to be fond of him. This is one of the things that the global films fail at, a character has to be consistent and fit in the role in which they are given.

Another way in which the Hollywood films defer from the foreign films is on the aspect of time and space, for instance the film Wild Berries takes us back in time by a number of occurrences like the various dreams that Borg has. The aspect of time should be consistent from the beginning to the end with events following each other in a sequence as occurs in real life, this is what the Hollywood films insist on showcasing, consistency of occurrences. It takes one back to Borg’s earlier life with his late wife through dreams and fantasies, and this destroys the aspect of continuity and time. The Hollywood film embraces a good cause and effect chain of occurrences that can be evidently seen. In this film, all the flashbacks are farfetched and truly much unconvincing. Borg as a character did not meet his goal of having a happy ending though at least his son reconciles with his wife; he has many other unresolved issues.

Foreign films also tend to insist more on the social interaction other than the physical action that most viewers would love to see. This can be seen by the main character Borg and Even Sara who insist more on what their social standings are. Throughout the movie, it is about the interaction of Borg and other people like the wife and his mother, and not the physical aspect of it. His wife is nowhere in the picture, and this puts the film in a state of lack.

The Global films still have a long way to go to match up with the Hollywood Films that still remain the favorite of the film goers.



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