Free Custom «Dadaism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Dadaism» Essay Paper

In 1918, a major breakthrough in the realm of Dadaism was the publication of second Dada manifesto the writer of which was Tristan Tzara in1917.More manifestoes were designed, drafted and later published (Dada, pg3). Richard Huelsenbeck delivered a landmark speech on February 1918 in Berlin followed by the production of the Dada manifesto in the same year.

The Dadaist has a variety of resources from where they obtain their content. These range from paintings, writings, art publications as found in literary journals and attractive art coverage that were normally discussed in a range of media. For instance, Cabaret Voltaire a magazine named after a club belonging to Hugo Ball has proved to be a rich source of media information. Examples of publications that have resulted from these rich sources include the Dadacon that was composed by Baader-the Dadacon is a book bigger than the bible in size and contains colossal pages with newsprint assembled as photomontage. Other publications are periodicals such as club Dada, Der Dada and the Dada Almanac published by the Berlin group.

Apart from being an anti-bourgeois, another reason why the Dada movement was born was to reject political war by changing the status quo that prevailed in art. Their art was inspired by an anti-art school of thought. Producing a piece of art was as easy as gathering of garbage from which a picture was drawn. The picture had a political influence to the western civilization. Its purpose was to paint a picture of disdain towards World War 1 and to highlight specific issues of their daily life.

The collected garbage could be used to create a variety of art pieces using various techniques. These techniques that were used included collage which hails from the cubist movement which involves neatly pasting pieces of paper from different items. The Dadaist on the other hand embraced items like maps, plastic wrappers and transportation tickets. The aim of this was to bring out certain aspects of life. Assemblage, another technique involved a three dimensional perspective of collage. It brought together daily items to produce worthwhile or vain materials of work such as trash and war objects. They nailed the objects and assembled or screwed them together in a vast array of fashion. Moreover, Marcel Duchamp coined another technique: Ready-mades. It involved adding titles and signatures to already produced objects of his art. An example of a ready made is the urinal that was signed “R.Mutt” and titled “Fountain”. Last was the, Photomontage which proved to be a shift from mainstream art that involved the use of paint and paintbrushes. It enabled the Dadaist to showcase a contemporary view of life using images presented on through the media. Real printed photographs produced by the media were used to express the Dadaist grievances and perspective of life. These new modality of creating art was cost effective and efficient. It was also dynamic since it took art to a whole new level as the Dadaist would have wanted.

The Dadaist is fascinated by works of painting such as those that depicted Jesus wearing warrior’s boot. Other notable artworks that are marred by humor and obscenities are those produced by Marcel Duchamp-a painting of a mustache on a copy of Mona Lisa together with obscenities written beneath it. The Fountain, another of his sculpture, is a urinal that lacks some plumbing and has a fake signature. The Dada prospectus of an art school is one that is able to nurture the writing, drawing an imaginative skill of a student. This they claim will be able to earn the student some token of appreciation in terms of money levied during exhibitions.



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