Free Custom «Chiaroscuro Concept» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Chiaroscuro Concept» Essay Paper

This response article is based on a warm sunny day in the fourth month of the year. It was a time when attendees were being welcomed to the second session of “Leonardo da Vinci’s Legacy” conference. The main focus of discussion in the entire debate focuses on techniques used by Leonardo in his paintings. The new concept of emphasis in this article based on David Summers’s perspective is quite unique in its sense. The article gives an analysis on chiaroscuro concept of art used by Leonardo. In addition, the article covers more information pertaining to rhetoric of realism.

Chiaroscuro concept

David Summer offers various views of art used in chiaroscuro.  The composition concept as displayed by David’s talk is well placed to provide exhaustive information. Various issues discussed by David involve a wide scope of audience interaction. Firstly, he analytically reveals more use of various languages. In various occasions, italic language is interchangeably used alongside English and Greek. The chief essence of such multilingual utilization by David is quite effective. In response to this concept, Leonardo da Vinci’s art work has become internationally recognized. His basic ideologies have equally made it possible for his painting legacy to spread all across the global. The multilingual concept also helps by creating a sense of emphasis in the whole ideology.

In respect to the chiaroscuro concept, the talk is well focused to create an understanding in the minds of readers. Based on David Summer’s point of view, all the concepts related to the clarity of paintings are well expounded on. The concepts of light and darkness as shown in the article show higher level of interdependence of the two principles of art. The antithesis concept of rhetoric realism holds more strength in the sight of the observers. This contributes at tuning the recipients of art to a well platform of appreciating Leonardo da Vinci’s work.   

It is however unclear from David’s point of view whether all painting concepts would solely apply the dark and light concepts. The reason behind this critique response is pegged on the multi color ideologies realized. Chiaroscuro concept is not well explained in return to its application to painting concepts applying other colors apart from dark and bright. In respect to this ideology, David’s work can be questioned as incomplete. David ought to have explained how well possible an artist could use other elements of art to clarify on the pigmentation concepts of art.  In addition, David Summer captures an ideology of contrast creation based on the use of brightness and dullness.

According to the comprehensive analysis carried out and presented by David Summer in his talk, it is evident that the talk leaves out concepts of theory and practice. Leonardo’s Treatise based on his painting as a major point of departure, a lot of information ought to have been covered in relation to theoretical approach. The talk does not comprehensively cover the latest editions of Leonardo’s art work on painting. David gives out a superb way of handling Leonardo’s art work capturing on legacy.


From the information provided by David Summer in his talk, a lot of information provided shows how well Leonardo’s legacy is displayed. It is equally put up that in as much as David’s talk captains various weaknesses, a lot of strengths are equally expounded on. The basic strength of the talk is based on the exhaustive relationship that exists between light and dark.  In relation to the basic concepts targeted for the conference, it can be summed up that David Summer’s talk qualify to be ranked smart. 



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