Free Custom «Broadway Musicals» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Broadway Musicals» Essay Paper
Broadway Musicals Introduction Music is all about creativity done by putting words together to come up with the lyrics. The idea of coming up with a song may be from various sources. Broadway music was stated many years ago and has continued to be very popular (Lewis 203). In this essay I will discuss the origin of the Broadway Musicals and I will highlight those who contributed to growth of Broadway Musicals. I will also look at where this idea came from and how it was developed. The present situation at Broadway musicals will also be evaluated and compared with the past situation. History of Broadway musicals A Broadway musical was stated in early 19th century in New York. It first production was known as The Black Crook which was later renamed to Broadway Musicals. Broadway musicals included song and dances accompanied by stories to come up with the content of the song. The first show done by the Broadway musicals was very entertaining. During hard times in America people would dance to the Broadway music to release the stress (Stanley 309).
Broadway musical is named after a street in New York that is known for theaters that offer live entertainment and musicals. Even today the street is widely known by the theater goers. In 19th century Broadway music was not very entertained, but in 1882 thing took another turn. The building of Madison Squire Theater found in 24th street brought a lot of transformation in the Broadway musical. The owners employed a youngster from San Francisco together with his brothers to manage the theater (Lewis 209). Contributes Of Broadway Musicals Due to necessity to provide the audience with new creative music the manager decided to come up with a mixture of comedy songs and dance together. This resulted to the birth of Black Crook in 1866. This production made history by running for a full year. Another production that inspired people was the Florenz Ziegfeld Follies productions from 1907-1932. He would ask several writers to write different songs and he would choose the best.
This made him opened his own theater outside the town. He invited all the best artists and then proceeded to invite the audience to choose the best. Another major contribution to the Broadway musicals was the musical versions of green grow the lilac which was formally a play. This was produced in 1940s when the theater guide had faced a hard time because it could hardly pay it debt. They asked the producers of the play Richard Rodgers and Lorenz to convert their skit into a play. Though Lorenz was reluctant they teamed up with the producers and contributed to new changes in music theaters (Chapin 56). They are others who started their musical on their own without the help of the producers. Composers like William Gilbert came up with the idea as a result of an incident. The Mikado tunes idea come to his mind when he saw a Japanese sword falling. The Show Boat was another hit that largely contributed to the Broadway musicals. Jerome Kern who used to partner with Oscar Hammerstein II approached Ziegfield with this idea and he did not turn them down. This greatly boasted Broadway musicals (Stanley 305). Some of the directors approached producers to convert stories into musical. Joshua Logan approached Rodger and his partners to convert the James Michener?s short into music. In other few cases the actors, dancers came with the idea of the music. Broadway today Unlike before composers and artists finds it hard to come up with lyrics that will be fully accepted. In fact they are too many challenges that prevent the music from reaching broadways. For new writers this has also proved to be very difficult and challenging because most of their work is rejected and therefore they get nowhere. This happens because no producer in Broadway wants to risk his reputation by producing unproved work. The only best way to get to attract these producers is by taking a step further and holding a show. Your popularity will make them request for your work (Lewis 207).
Majority of the Broadway producers prefer holding workshop with the talented composers this has made it a bit hard for the upcoming artist to grow. The only way that the new composers can get in the industry is by holding their own shows and inviting the producers. This way the producers from Broadway might find some potential in you hence taking you seriously. Conclusion The Broadway musicals have come a long way since19th century. It has continued to growth until today, we can still say that the impact of Broadway music is still felt. Majority of the music is of high quality and one of the best lyrics that make history. To qualify as an artist with Broadway musicals your music should be of high quality and creative. The first contributors of the Broadway musicals were very creative and that why there has been a growing demand on their production (Chapin 50-55). The question that rings in many people mind is whether the upcoming talents will ever reach Broadway. Broadway musicals has continued to create history and contributed a lot in the music industry.


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