Free Custom «Art in Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Art in Life» Essay Paper
  1. Art is seen every day, so it is important to recognize and analyze it. When encounters become a personal experience, it is a good habit to look at it and decide what it means. In art, there are always connections to the inner world, so that parallels can be drawn and useful things understood about oneself. In my own experience, it has been noted that it is easier to relax and find out new things about the emotions that are present at a particular moment. The mood becomes responsive to the environment, and the appreciation of the things that are pleasant to the eye increases.
  2. I view objects with the purpose of looking deeper into their context and idea behind their existence. For example, everything that is created by nature becomes a form of art since there was a process of creation and the end result. As such, when I observe the nature, I see the long time it took to evolve. The details are not made for the purpose of being beautiful or seen, they are simply naturally made. It adds particular beauty to the object because it is “innocent” and needed for the whole system to be functioning.
  3. “Outsider art” is the one created by artists who are not professionals. These people have not graduated from any academy or had particular training in making art of any kind. It can be said that these people are natural but at the same time, this kind of art is quite different as it is unique in the lack of professionalism. It can be either extremely appealing to the eye because a person has a natural gift or not. Personally, I believe that art needs little training, so it will have more value without the techniques and styles taught to a great number of people.
  4. What is true or beautiful is a private point of view because something that is liked by one person can be regarded as unpleasant by the other. I assume that there is a little “ugly” or not beautiful art as it is better to be neutral and open minded. However, the painting by Francisco de Goya titled Devouring One of His Children cannot be called beautiful, in my personal opinion. It is not only because it looks appalling and unrealistic, it is the idea behind its context that is “ugly.” It does not teach anything or create any ideas or thoughts, which are beneficial to the person seeing the painting.
  5. 20th century artists have specified that art is viewed differently by the modern societies. The connection has been lost and commercialized. I agree with this statement because with the increased finances and class division, art has become the process of collecting and storing the artworks in privately owned luxury houses instead of being a part of society or community for people to share and discuss. Moreover, it is noted that the process of creating is a form of art because artist’s soul and thoughts are expressed.
  6. It is possible to say that almost anything that is done or created is a form of art. As today’s age is extremely technological, it must be included in the definition because there is a beauty in everything. Websites are clearly artistic; computer programs require imagination and creativity; and a concept, idea, and simple action can also qualify as art if the person does it properly and with respect. It means that art is present everywhere, and it does not matter how or by whom it is defined. The definition is personal and unique for everyone.



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