Free Custom «Art Comparison» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Art Comparison» Essay Paper

CSS Alabama was a Navy warship designed and built by John Laird Sons Company in 1862. She was also known as the ‘Sloop of warship’ which initially got launched on 29th of July in 1862. The main purpose for building this ship was to serve the Navy of confederate states at Birkenhead in the United Kingdom. The facility was a commercial attacker, charged with the responsibility of raiding naval and Union merchant ships for a period spanning two years of its existence. Her motto was crafted to mean that you have to defend yourself for God to assist you. During her time in power, she has never docked at the south Port. Unfortunately, her fate ran on the wrong footing on 19th June 864. She was sunk by the U.S. warship, the USS Kersarge at the Port of Cherbourg in France.  

The painting of this facility by an artist portrays calmness of water. The background indicates clouds forming, which characteristically is normally observed when it’s just about to rain. The artist has used fresh colors with sole intention to create an impression of coolness. In the other pictorial painting showing Captain Raphael Semmes and his first officer, J.M. Kell at the Port of Cape Town, gives an impression of a sunny day. It also portrays a relaxed environment for the two officers. Such situation can also be witnessed in the other picture containing Lieutenants Sinclair and Armstrong in 1863. In the last artistic impression of the two ships advancing towards each other, the environment looks violent. The water on which they are sailing shows some roughness, giving implication of storms or strong waves.  

In comparison, this naval war machine was a crew Sloop of War. She has a length of 67.5m, approximately 221ft. Its beam and draft is approximately 31.5ft (9.66m) and 17.5ft (5.39M) respectively (Conacher 23). The machine’s displacement weight is about 1051 tones and has a one screw propeller. The power installed for this ship is horizontal and uses steam. The facility has a speed of 12.9 knots, which means that she could move at the same velocity of about 23.9km/hr at our normal rate. As I continue with her characteristics, I realize that this ship has combat capacity of approximately 146 officers. Finally the facility has an armament of approximately 15.5, 50.5 and 31.5 kilogram cannons respectively. The artist’s impression here is to amplify the ability of this ship to serve her people.

USS Kearsarge

Just as the name suggests, it was named after MountKearsarge in the United States of America. It has a distinctive feature of being the first to assume the name of MountKearsarge. The mountain is located in the State of New Hampshire. Due to its victory over the CSS Alabama, the facility has been honored through naming of other successive ships after her. In an encounter with her rival, the CSS Alabama, Kearsarge emerged the victory in 1864. The giant facility was built at the Navy yard of Ports mouth in the U.S.New Hampshire in 1861. This is evident that the ship was older than the CSS Alabama, which was made in 1862. Her official launching was done in September 11, 1861. The direct commissioning was on 24th January in 1862. Captain Charles W. Pickering was the Commanding Officer.

The painter’s artistic picture here shows well-constructed, confident and fully armed machinery. The artist has also given the portrait a balanced posture, a fairly grey color at the background to show calmness of the weather and patches of light and dark colors to portray a fairly sunny day. The second picture, which shows the Kearsarge after the aftermath, is a typical of the ancient black and white quality. The third portrait which indicates the war between the two ships has been given some cool colors. This picture shows a no none-sense attacks from both ends. The small ship which is approaching the bigger one on the artistic presentation, could be the one commissioned by the other officers for cease fire. The other pictures have warm and dull colors. The impression given here is that of an old lifestyle.

The characteristics of this ship are as detailed here: she was a sloop of war type with a displacement of approximately 1569 tones. Her beam is roughly 10.27m; 33.5ft. The draft of this ship is about 14.1 ft; 4.35m and a propulsion type of steam engine (Marvel 43). Her speed ranges between 19km per hour 20km pr hour. Lastly the ship has an armament of approximately 4x33 pounder guns, 1x31pounder parrot rifle and smooth bore Dahlgren guns.  

The Differences and Similarities

CSS Alabama was made in the United Kingdom while the USS Kearsargewas built in the United States of America. The periods of building and launching are also different. While the oldest of the two, USS Kearsargewas built and launched in 1861, her counterpart, CSS Alabama was conceived, built and launched in 1862. Their general characteristics such as speed, beam, length and displacement capacities differ (Navy Secretary 23). Their armament and propulsion rates also do not match. According to the data accessed, Alabama ship is faster than Kearsarge’s, but the latter is more efficient than her colleague. CSS Alabama was sunk whilst the USS Kearsarge was wrecked while sailing around the waters.

Turning to their similarities, I can contend with the fact that both have been solely built to defend their territorial borders. Both of them had names which emanate from either the U.S. physical features or individual states (Conacher 22). For example, CSS Alabama name is also found in the United States. Both were traveling war vessels that used water as the medium.



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