Free Custom «American Independent Films» Essay Paper

Free Custom «American Independent Films» Essay Paper

American independent films are mostly filled with posers and no real work. Most of these films are full of “vimeo”, slider driven, montage sequences, and shallow DOF. Moreover, the films are directed by careless, lazy, pre-production directors who masquerade as film makers. The film numbered 64257 is one of such films. After watching the film, one would be compelled to conclude that it departs from the criteria for the Classical Hollywood Narrative in several ways including, cinematography, editing and stylistically obstructive.


            The art of crafting and authoring of visual images to be used in films is referred as cinematography. From the film 64257, it is apparent that the photographer failed in his responsibility to produce quality photographic work. The three departments involved in shooting the photograph namely; camera, grip, and electrical technology failed because the camera used did not produce distinct convincing images (Biskind 43). A crowd watching the film may not laud the kind of movements observed in this movie.

            Light is necessary in producing a required project outcome (Biskind 48). The choice of lens to be used and subtle changing of characters in the frame are equally important. From the film 64257, lighting failed because the director failed to link the characters with the tone of the scene. The concept of linking the characters with the tone of the scene normally requires a deeper understanding of the visual language and the story, but these were never showcased in the film.


            The film 64257 has pictures that are in the public domain; however, the pictures appear not to have been edited properly. The director failed to accompany the film with music that can be easily understood by the audience. In addition, the music appears too alien and impressionistic since it creates a feeling of what to be felt at the time of watching the movie instead of telling the story together with the characters. 




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