Free Custom «Wal-Mart Destroys America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Wal-Mart Destroys America» Essay Paper

Wal-Mart is a business organization that sells different goods and offer services to the American citizens. People have had many complains about Wal-Mart over time, and they have come up with a conclusion that it destroys America. There are many reasons that people have come up with to show that Wal-Mart is destroying America. Still, some people argue out that Wal-Mart does not destroy America.

There is complain that Wal-Mart is building a new branch in a certain area and with this, there are some problems associated to the new building of Wal-Mart. Some of the problems mentioned are; the building of this new Wal-Mart has caused some areas within the construction area to have water shortages because of the construction process. People feel that this issue of water shortage is unfair and is against humanity. Other complains that people at this construction site talks about is noise, they say the construction has made the place noisy until they do not enjoy their stay at home. They also complain of other disturbances such as bright light in their bedroom from the construction site (A Wal-Mart in Your Backyard, Par 3)

Wal-Mart being the cheapest super market in America has not escaped people wrong views against it, people says that since Wal-Mart is selling cheapest products, it is not doubtful that its employee are paid law wages which can not meet their personal needs. Besides this, people take the low wage as an abuse. Wal-Mart intimidates shoppers or customers because it provides elderly people to attend to them. People greeting the shoppers on the doorway are there to make them feel they are well cared for, this will improve the customer relations and hence make many people to shop there. The issue of using elderly people to receive and great customers was unpleasant and brought the notion that it is an intimidation to them.

The reason that Wal-Mart intimidates its shoppers to some people’s views is wrong. The reason is that people who go to shop in wall-matt are not forced. They voluntarily go to shop and even if an elderly person were to receive them at the doorway, the disadvantage would not be to the customer. Instead, this will disadvantage Wal-Mart. Someone makes a decision over the place to go shopping and therefore Wal-Mart should not carry blame over this issue.

The problem of law wage pay to the workers in Wal-Mart is another issue that is associated with the destruction of America. People say that Wal-Mart is unfair to its employees because it pays them lowly that they cannot meet their needs. Besides that, people who are working there are them that have no otherwise because they have no jobs. This as well becomes an argument rather than an issue of discussion. Some people say that people who work in Wal-Mart are just normal and they have a reason of working there. In addition, Wall-Matt has not forced them to work there, it is their choice to be there and none of them has complained about this (Does Wal-Mart Destroy Communities? Par 8)

People also argue that Wall-Matt has no problem with the pay of its workers. In places such as south California, there are more job opportunities and people can choose elsewhere to work than working in Wall-Matt. For this reason, we cannot say that people are forced to work in Wal-Mart for slave pay. It does not mean that when worker in Wal-Mart wish to receive higher rates of payment there is enslavement. It is only a wish, as anyone would wish. People working there are content with their situation and they have no complain about their work I relation to their payment.

Other people object that it is a great problem to have Wal-Mart because of several reasons; during the beginning of Wal-Mart, many retail shops closed. When Wal-Mart begun its operation many products such as the necessities lowered terribly. Those people operating retails business could not have an opportunity to sell because the amount they incurred in buying goods is the same as the selling price in Wall-Matt. This means thy cants sell because at the end of the day they will not receive anything. They therefore close down their business; you will realize that most of these citizens operating retails businesses got their living there. Now that they can earn a living, they would rather look for employment in Wal-Mart than staying without their daily need met. The reason for looking for employment in Wal-Mart is that Wal-Mart employs many employees in a newly opened store.

A fact that has disappointed American citizens about Wal-Mart is that Wal-Mart creates job opportunities and as well destroys these opportunities making poor American Citizens to suffer. Some studies have stated that Wal-Mart creates an estimate of three hundred job positions in a year but after two years, it destroys almost two hundred and fifty positions. This makes it real to say Wal-Mart destroys America, is something absurd to employ people for two years and terminate them. Some may have a stressed life and even become less productive to the nation. Reality has it that Wal-Mart does not create job opportunities because if by a short duration people are not working it may mean something else. Wal-Mart derives its labor from the retailers. Wal-Mart has received literally creates thirty new jobs after five years because most of hundred jobs in typical Wal-Mart eventually come at the expense existing retail jobs (Fishman 145).

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This study had both positive and negative arguments about Wal-Mart. Some people supports Wal-Mart by saying it does mot destroy America but others strongly feel it does. In conclusion, there is more evidence in the study that Wal-Mart is destroying America. If you observe, you will understand that wall matt has destroyed more jobs than the employment opportunities it offers. Wal-Mart has also killed many retail businesses hence making many American citizens disadvantaged. As well, it disadvantages the nation’s economy because of low pricing that lead to poor taxation. On the other hand, Wal-Mart is gaining out of the pinch of citizens.



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