Free Essay Sample «Violation on Children Rights »

Free Essay Sample «Violation on Children Rights »

Violation on children rights is a paper that is written targeting people who are well educated and working in the Non Governmental Organizations that help and assist women and children worldwide. The paper is well detailed in the aspects of children’ rights right from the definition to the ways by which children are violated. Children as explained in the paper are the backbone of the world and the leaders of tomorrow and therefore they need to be protected against any harmful outcome to ensure they lead happy and productive lives. The information contained in the paper is relevant to every person despite of age, gender and creed since children come in all colors and all need protecting. Social injustices are netted on children from all races and this is clear from the number of cases that have been reported all over the world concerning children issues. As much as we are all aware of how we should treat children, they continue to be mistreated and it then becomes important for the stakeholders involved to teach people the world over how to treat children and ensure they grow up to be happy and thus productive in the society. The stakeholders involved in this kind of work would include the social workers, volunteers and donors who are involved in children affairs, teachers in schools and even mothers.

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This report comes with a lot of statistics and uneducated people would not quite interpret these data as required. It is obvious that when anyone reads the report and sees for example the quote that a recent research in eight Asian nations discovered that 33% to 55% of the sex workers were previous child abuse victims (Brett, R., 2009), the interpretation will be different among different people. Some may not even understand what that really means or the implications it has on the populace let alone understand what one can do to ensure that that percentage decreases and never raises. This is where the expertise of learned people and especially those who interact with the women and people involved commonly in the sex trade comes in. These people have the relevant knowledge on how to read and interpret this kind of data thus making it relevant.

After all it is possible to have so many reports written and distributed but if they only land in the wrong hands then it will be in vain since the message in the report would not be interpreted into practical and tangible forms that would then be practically relevant as to finally help the subjects in the said reports. The donors would be target s of the report as they are the people who control the big purses that make it possible to implement these recommendations contained in the report when they disperse the money for the projected projects. It is therefore obvious that the report needs to be carefully distributed to the relevant groups to ensure that the message will be taken finally to the relevant authorities for implementation. Thus many people and organizations are important in the whole process to see the report become a reality. It is not enough that the study was done if the report does not reach the relevant people who will see to the implementation of the same to aid in the protection of children rights the world over.


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