Free Custom «Travel alone/ With a Tour Group» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Travel alone/ With a Tour Group» Essay Paper

Whenever summer time or season is in the offing, travelling plans are always under considerations, with the need to travel alone or to take a group tour ringing in the minds of many. The pros and cons of either of these decisions are known to be distinct, but interestingly, it is this distinctness that brings about the dilemma in the minds of many decision makers planning to take some time away during summer holidays. This paper takes to illustrate the most tenable approach to traveling- whether it is as an individual or as a tour group.

Summer time comes with a bee hive of travelling and touring activities, so that it has become the mainstay of tours and travels industry. Though travelers are allowed to go it alone, traveling in tour groups is widely and the most practiced, with this being made manifest in the formation of travel groups such that groups such as Contiki tours and BusAbout. Contiki tours is group travel oriented as it attends to tourists within the age bracket of 18-35 while BusAbout is more oriented towards serving the individual travel since it accommodates the client to hop in and off, wherever he wants. This shows the dynamics that both individual and group travel have.

Although the decision to travel as a group or an individual far much depends on the decision of the individual and the purpose of his travel, yet, it remains true that group tour is the best. While acknowledging the benevolence of individual travels (and sometimes its cons), this paper takes to also analyze the reason why it is better to tour or travel as a group.

Touring as a group allows better sightseeing, compared to individual ventures. This is because, while an individual will have his scope focused on one area, a group will have many scopes and its members will always prompt one another to take a look at the sight that seems the most exciting. This makes all partakers see the same things from different angles and perspectives. On the contrary, this is not so with traveling alone since the traveler scope and viewing is totally susceptible to his own moods and whims.

Whereas individual travels are more introverted in nature as only one person partakes of it, group travels are extroverted in nature as the tour group members are able to exchange ideas on different objects, phenomena and features being seen. The latter may happen from a personal point of view, or from the different travelers’ community’s point of view. This enables the travelers to learn more about different concepts as are held by different communities.

On one hand, while traveling alone secludes the individual to himself, group travels on the other hand assemble the individuals, making them find both psychological and the actual physical security in numbers. This is especially when a crisis emerges in the tourist sites. An individual who is by himself is more prone to criminal targets, aggression and may not be able to help himself in the event of a danger or injury, while those in travel groups are able to combine efforts, logistics and ideas together, in case of any eventuality. This position is exemplified by the 1988 Murder of Julie ward, which has never been resolved upto the moment, since she travelled alone into the famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Overall, the above argument makes it lucid to surmise that whereas individual travel can be fun in itself, group travel remains the most captivating and ideal form of retreat since it is more fun, secure and encourages plurality of ideas.



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