Free Custom «Three Qualities of My Choice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Three Qualities of My Choice» Essay Paper

It is not worth to live just as a passing cloud, but what impacts one, can make in the lives of others. Essentially, virtues enhance character transformation and positive living, which are influenced by the environment we live in. Transforming our lives to positive and worthy way entails suffering and sacrifice. Virtues are essential requirements for one to grow and reach your desired life destination of personal development. Our future desired destiny is guided by the values we choose to uphold presently.


Honesty is a basic principle that is build by an individual through interaction with others. Being honesty to yourself is critical than other people’ judgments. Personal and self-growth is about positive qualities around you always to get rid of vices in oneself. It makes one makes one to be genuine in saying and doing all the time and hence stick to our destiny. Honesty calls for one to live openly to his or herself openly and thus revealing this personality to others. It is never an easy task though simple, ‘the passion is simple, but overwhelmingly strong, and have blown me hither and thither’ (Russell, 1970).

Trust in ourselves and in those around us is through our integrity and honesty. This will thus result to confidence that will need to overcome life’s problems. We become prone to mystery if we live dishonesty lives. Honest is a fundamental element in any form of engagement be it personal or professional which build credibility in oneself. Successful destiny is achieved through honest living because it earns an individual credibility and reliability from others. This will produce a worthy living. ‘Though simple, but overwhelmingly strong have governed my life’ (Russell, 1970). Life can always shape our desired or developed personality thereof diverting our destiny. We lose our set values trying to fulfill responsibilities in life that will affect our honesty.


Integrity entails doing right by one’s own moral code and what he/she views appropriate. In the end, one gets satisfied of the decisions and activities done. Whether professional or personal, one has to posses it in life especially in entering career field. It does not necessarily have to satisfy everyone stakeholder but as long as the right choice or decision is made always. It is a day-to-day attribute but one may be tempted and be swayed easily. Carter on his book (integrity) asked, ‘What are our rules in following the rules? What are our rules about breaking them?’

Individuals’ moral standards are enhanced by acting with the critical virtue of integrity as it is an issue of consistency and internal. It is a contrast of hypocrisy to oneself and to others. It is upheld in life with a commitment to total truth and honest. This virtue helps in developing respect and personality and guides an individual to achieving predefined and desired destiny in life. ‘Integrity is so hard to attain, but it is the most important element in shaping and achieving outstanding character’ (Carter, 1993). Integrity is at times synonymous with moral values used interchangeably. They are independent virtues of personality and persons of integrity may sometimes act immorally. There is self-integration that makes the virtue a formal relation to self-character. Commitment should not be superficial in people with it deeply in their characters.

This virtue stands for personality and behavior and varies. There is the integrity of self-integration that does with putting all virtues together to form ones behavior and destiny in life. The identity integrity is wholeness of one’s personality judged by our surrounding. The moral purpose guides us to refrain from vices.


It is the steady and earnest application of effort and energy in an undertaking. Diligence is always a virtue of life applied as a fundamental principle to the realization of success. It is the industriousness of an individual that goes with thorough perseverance for its realization. Diligence is opposed to the vice of careless both in biblical and religious point of view and it is work related ethic. At work or profession, diligence helps in building hardworking personality and professional activity to avoid negligence. It is all about being steadfast in a belief with the capability of no surrender. To realize this, we have to be extremely strict on time management.

We only uphold diligence by regulating our conducts with the principle and real judgment and not by social customs and our urge. However, it is always essential for an individual human being to direct his own personal deeds freely for his fulfillment in life. It also includes suitable and moral time conscious recreation. In essence, time management and hard work are key pillars towards a diligent personality, which translate to a positive personality. Diligence can be ordinary or special where non-specialists apply ordinary diligence. On the other hand, specialist diligence is applied in enhancing outstanding profession, career, business and personality. There consistency, attentive, persistence, active, and laborious are critical values in one’s diligent personality

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Before one lives with the principles of his/her choice, he/she has to understand the present personality in him or herself first. An individual also has to consider his/her stands in life. We should avoid anything that differs with our own morals and values on a daily basis. If one concentrates in doing good always, life will always be filled with good gratitude that is a feeling that nurtures our lives. Life is a choice of many factors and individuals live what they choose.



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