Free Custom «The Plight of the Poor » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Plight of the Poor » Essay Paper


The plight of the poor in American, which has been highlighted for many years, has not been solved. In Los Angeles alone, more than 90,000 citizens have nowhere to call home. The poor continue to suffer yet the government continues to misappropriate fund in some projects that are not serious. The poor lives in slums districts and decaying towns concealed from daily transport between the suburbs and work places (Donald 146). They are only brought to light when a disaster hit these poor regions. The homeless does not worry about the bigger disaster but the source of their next meal. The safest place to spend a night, and where would they get fund to educate their young ones.

The poor planning of the government brings about the plight of the poor in America. The number is increasing on a daily base because of the high cost of living and the economic status (Virginia 1-2). The poor do not have the basic requirement that is taken for granted by others. Luxury and proper life style are unheard of in their day-to-day programs. The plight of the poor and homeless has received attention from concern citizen and government. There is optimism that the troubles of the homeless and poor will be solved.

The poor are human like the rich, proper concern must be given to them. Their situations sometimes are so much painful that you wonder how they survive. It is very important that their plights be addressed as soon as possible (Benjamin 1-2). It is high time we took unity attitude serious and assist one another for a better tomorrow.


The poor have rights that must be protected, and the government must make sure they are sheltered as much as possible. Affordable shelter, food provision, education systems, which are relevant and affordable, and health provision should be given to these individual.



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