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The National Security

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The national security has been an issue of great concern in the United States since the September 11. This is because of the damage that single attack inflicted in the U.S and the continued danger that is posed by terrorist operating within and without the U.S borders. Investigations into what could have gone wrong in Sept 11 found out a lapse in information sharing between the different government agencies that are entrusted with maintaining security gave the terrorists the opportunity to carry out the attack. In recognition of the need for better coordination between the different security arms, the government established the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate them (Department of Homeland Security 2006, January 30).

To deter and dismantle terrorists’ networks, the U.S, through the Department of Homeland Security must be able to integrate her homeland scurity efforts seamlessly with other aspects of her national security approach.  Intelligence information should be able to flow seamlessly between the different levels of government, that is, from the Federal government, to State governments, to County governments, to local authorities down to neighborhood communities and up the same way. This will ensure that any threat is arrested in time and deterred before happening ( White House 2011, May).

The DHS should also establish an effective platform for all security agencies to share information (Anderson, Thompson, Wilhelm, & Wogman, 2004, January). This will enable the intelligence collecting agencies and those that use the intelligence to deter attacks and dismantle terrorist networks are in constant communication. The DHS should also promote the integration and leveraging of state and major urban area fusion centeers that have the capacity to share classified information as well as establishing a national wide framework for reporting suspicious activity.

The federal government should also coordinate better with foreign partners to identify, track, limit access to funding, and prevent terrorist travel. The government should also establish bilateral, regional and international collaborations to promote global efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in recognition of the inextricable link between domestic and transnational security (White House 2011, May).

Key to the success of the war on terrorism both at home and abroad will be the sharing of information in a timely manner. This will ensure the terrorists are intercepted before they commit any atrocities. It will also give the security apparatus a sense of direction. The DHS is the best suited to coordinate these activities.

Buy custom The National Security essay paper cheap

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