Free Custom «The Decision of Abortion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Decision of Abortion» Essay Paper

The topic of abortion has long remained a taboo for the world due to ethical and theological reasons. In some countries abortion is prohibited, while in some it is not allowed after 15 weeks (Hadley, A. 2004), and in others it is allowed. There is also a debate whether right of abortion should be with the mother or the government, as in some countries girls are forced to abort their babies by the governments (Unruh, B. 2010).

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Governments try to interfere in this private matter because they feel that brining a child in the world is a big responsibility, and when they think that the mother is not appropriate to rear a chld she is forced to adopt, like teenage mothers. This argument is absurd for many reasons. The government cannot take a decision on behalf of a mother because they cannot asses the emotions and feelings of a mother. The government cannot prophesize correctly the future of any child and this is enough the term forced abortion an irrational act.


Most of the people in the United States are in favor of this law (Washington Times 2003). What these people fail to understand is the limit of a governmental authority to indulge in private affairs of a family. Government cannot act without any visible perilous consequencce of an action and in this case the peril is not visible. Is the government a 100 percent sure that the mother will not be able to raise the child? No they are not and this brings enough doubt to discard the arguments in favor of forced abortion. Women also should have a moral right to decide about their own body (BBC Ethics Guide 2010).

Allowing early abortions and not late abortions is ludicrous as there is no difference between a 1 week baby and a 14 week baby (Gorney, C. 2004). Abortion is right or wrong that is a different debate altogether but government intervention in abortions is preposterous and illogical.



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