Free Custom «The Culture of Daily Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Culture of Daily Life» Essay Paper

Life presents different challenges and cultural difference in the present world is one of them; this means that there will always be expected or unexpected disputes among home, family and friends. Caroll, 1990 in the book "Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience", bring out how members can misinterpret each other where in different opinions of love, friendship and raising children in a couple of different culture are more contentious. Daily activities such as telephone calls and conversations and asking for information can also be a cause of conflict when the other person does not do what the other is used to or believes in.

The conflicts in my opinion do exist and those described by Caroll, (1990) are a clear example of the most common. Misunderstandings such as the way to dress, what to eat, what to do and the religion to follow may arise when a couple comes from different backgrounds. The French may ask why the American does certain things and the same applies to the Americans; such as trailing spouses everywhere.

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To be able to fit to each others culture the other partner must understand the culture and try to have a soft spot for it. In the book "French or Foe" Platt, (2003) gives six codes for the American to understand the French; they include no smiling, no flirting, use of the ten magic words, adding "Monsieur" or "Madame" after "bonjour," "au revoir," among other respectable words, shaking hands and watching out at the door (Platt, 2003). These may be new to American who is generally casual.

Imdb, (1997) conforms to Platt's and Carroll's explanations of the French family. This can be seen in the fact that the child rebels from the culture of the parents as he grows up. Ludovic, though he is a boy degenerates the feeling of being a girl that causes a lot of problems to the family. The film is so compelling in view of the fact that the child and the parents never agree on anything which even causes the father to be fired, and the whole family even gets rejected by the neighborhood.


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