Free Custom «The Argument about Piercing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Argument about Piercing» Essay Paper

Piercing is the act of puncturing or cutting part of human body with the aim of creating an opening in which jewelleries are won. In the current times, individuals are becoming more and more fashion conscious. Piercing of bodies has in the current era become more popular fashion, though is practise can be traced from ancient times. In the contemporary this practise has gained great impetus. This body art is increasing popularity day in day out, particularly amongst youngsters. The entire world is being driven crazy by body piercing act, youngsters are virtually piecing every part of their body. This easy is a bout the argument about piercing.

Piercing has many advantages, among them are; this is just another way of covering up those tattoos. Another issue is that, this is a way of encouraging kids who have braces. In case of live burial in avalanche, one can show up great on metallic detectors. In addition, one is the only person at work who has the abilities of sticking him/herself to the board of bulletin. Some times, things like keys are hanged on noose ring to prevent them from getting lost. They sometimes act like reflectors on bikes, as drivers are able to see the person easily at night times. After the removal of all rings, the holes in on the body act as passages for cool whistling winds, upon the removal of the rings.

On the other hand, there are possibilities of infection, if one doesn't take care of it. Another disadvantage is that, if you're not careful, you could accidentally rip out the barbell. The other disadvantage of body piercing can be in form of skin dimpling that may occur on the removal of jewelries.

In conclusion, individuals need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of body piercing, and understand them well before going for it. This essay has provided both advantages and disadvantages of body piercing which can be of great help for those interested in piercing.



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