Free Custom «Spanish Empire» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Spanish Empire» Essay Paper


As the Spanish empire grew, the urge of expanding to other territories was inevitable. Missionaries were among the first Spaniards to arrive and explore the new world.  This interest had several motives.

Spanish motives

One of the motives of Spanish in conquering new world was the treasures and wealth that this land had. According to de las Casas who was a fierce critic of Spanish colonialism in the new world, the discovered land had an enormous wealth of gold of the highest quality (31). Although the early vision of the Spaniards was the peaceful settlement with the natives, it never was. They brought brutality to the natives Indians on their conquest. The Spanish used violence, murder, and treachery to achieve their motives of tapping gold, silver, valuable spices and other resources.

The land was rich with very fertile soil for agriculture unlike in Europe. The Spanish explorers, who camouflaged their actions as spreading Christianity, exploited the native’s land for creation of wealth.  They justified their motives by invoking the support of the church and the king of Spain so that they could be seen as advancing developments in science and humanitarian assistance. But in real sense they wanted to make Indians their slaves and force them to hard labor.

The third motive was the spread of Christianity. The work of de las Casas as a priest and a missionary helped in the spread of Christianity especially the Roman Catholic Church believes and practices. De las Casas reported that God had given to him a great zeal, desire and great perseverance to bring about a remedy to those wretched beings.  


 Finally the religious idealism then, contradicted the national deeds and explorers intentions and action. This is portrayed by the brutality of the Spanish explorers towards the natives. 



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