Free Custom «Single Schools for Boys and Girls» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Single Schools for Boys and Girls» Essay Paper

The arguments on whether boys or girls should have their own colleges have been there seen time immemorial. Recent statistics carried out showed that, single schools perform better in almost every field whether academic related or co-curricular activities (Tembon, 2008). In boy schools particularly, the performance in academics is what one would call excellent compared to their girls’ counterparts. When this might sound good to some ears, it is worthy noting that some intellects have always found reasons to abolish this system of schooling. In this particular argumentative paper, the focus will be whether there should still be schools or colleges’ for boys and girls only.

On to my first point, I will strongly support the idea of having boys in a college or a school of their own because the concentration on the sole purpose of them being in school is given a priority unlike when in a mixed school. The reason behind this is evident. Given that when boys are in colleges are mostly teenagers, they tend to engage in some activities which are far from academics one of them being relationships (Tembon, 2008). In a school comprising of boys only, although they can still have relationships, but there will be some checks and balances on the same. This is because the girls are not within their vicinity. The situation would be very different if girls were around and the performance in academics would be at stake (Tembon, 2008). On the other hand, girls would be far much better in their colleges or schools unlike when in a mixed school. Following the above argument, if they engage in unhealthy relationships with their male counterparts, the end result will be pregnancy that will automatically result to them being young mothers. Such cases would not be on the rise if these two categories of people were to learn separately (Tembon, 2008).

In respect to the above argument, statistics carried out in California in 2009 clearly showed this. The study, which attempted to compare the performance of boy schools and girl schools, also studied why there were cases of teenage pregnancy in California schools (Tembon, 2008). Some of the reasons given by instructors and students attributed the good performance in single schools to the fact that the concentration in academics is free from distractions which are not very common in mixed schools. Some of the distractions mentioned were relationships. On the same note the study showed that, 60% of the teenage pregnancy cases were from mixed schools (Tembon, 2008). It went ahead to argue that, in mixed schools, an overwhelming 70% of the tutors in mixed colleges and high schools admitted that there were so many relationships and cases of abortions being carried out by teenagers. In the same breath 60% of the students also echoed the same (Tembon, 2008).

In most single schools, students tend to have high self esteem unlike in mixed schools. In a boy school for instance, one will tend to take part in an event that he would not otherwise have engaged in presence of girls due to fear of embarrassment. A boy will shy away from girls to ask something that sounds Greek to him while may be on the other hand the girl seems to understand better (Tembon, 2008). This would be a different case if it was only a boy school. A boy can easily approach another to ask for assistance if he is stuck somewhere. On the other hand, girls would feel comfortable when dealing with their fellow women. The situation would be different if it was in a mixed school. Girls are known to shy away from their male counterpart in a bid not to expose their weakness. Statistics show that, students in single schools have a high self esteem compared with their counterparts in mixed schools (Tembon, 2008).

To support the above argument, a professor who is an educationist in Newcastle University carried out a research while he was taking his doctorate. The study was based on the causes of low self esteem on students and what can be done to remedy the situation (Tooley, 2008). The study found out that, most students did not admit to have low self esteem which was not the case with their teachers and lecturers (Tooley, 2008). He went ahead to find out that, low self esteem cases were very common in mixed schools compared to single schools that have boys and girls learning separately (Tooley, 2008). Out of five schools he went, 40% of the students admitted to feel shy when their opposite sex is present (Tooley, 2008). An overwhelming 70% of students suffering from low self esteem were found in mixed schools. To remedy the situation, the professor in his study recommended for open debates to be put into practice to curb this unfortunate condition (Tooley, 2008).

In yet another argument why boys and girls should have their own schools, it is deduced that boys and girls have their brains designed differently. In his book The Miseducation of Women (2009) James Tooley argues that to have boys in the same school with girls would be a total waste of time (Tooley, 2009). He appeals t the society to accept this fact because they can do nothing about it. While in college, the professor observed that, it would be unfair to put a girl in the same class of a course like engineering with a boy. He continues to observe that, the course outline for both case should be different (Tooley, 2009). Girls should not be forced to absorb complex concepts just like boys who are sharp on such areas and can easily connect what is being taught in class with the practical on the field. In this regard, boys’ should have their own school separate from girls if the argument of the professor is anything to go by (Tooley, 2009). To add weight on this, James Tooley insisted that, the best thing is for girls not to take part in such courses because their brain is designed in a way that does not allow them to absorb such complex concepts. They should not take anything which is science related or such courses that calls for a lot of practical on the field (Tooley, 2009).

In another argument to justify the reason why we should have boys in their own schools and equally the same case with girls a study was carried out on the methods used in schools of testing and evaluating students. James Tooley found out that, boys would prefer to sit for an exam unlike girls who would go for course work (Tooley, 2009). He continues to argue that it might be the reason why boy schools would always beat girl schools. He proceeds to argue that, if states were to have boy schools and girl schools and allow boys to sit for papers while their female counterparts do course work, the situation would be differently (Tooley, 2009). The professor continues to add that, the society should stop burying its head in the sand and come on board to introduce debate so as to discuss this in depth. He likens the idea of having teenagers being given an opportunity to decide on the best method to test them while in school. This may probably help them (Tooley, 2009).

Another argument goes that, girls careers are supposed to deal most with human being because their intellectual ability does not allow them to take such things dealing with physics. This again supports the idea of having girls having their own colleges and schools separate from boys. In order to justify this, a school in north London attempted to compare performance of boys in girls in a humanity and science paper (Tolley, 2003). Upon the release of the results, it was found out that, girl’s performance was impeccable in the humanity and worse in the physics paper. On the other hand, boys faired in the physics paper and much different performance was recorded in the humanity paper. This again justifies why boys should be left to have their own schools separate from girls (Tolley, 2003).

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Another argument on whether boys should have schools of their own separate from girls revolves around the number of years each should take in school. Girls are believed to mature very quickly and therefore start thinking about having families early in life unlike their male counterparts. In this regard, girls should either take few years in school unlike men (Tolley, 2003). Men on the other hand, start thinking about having families later compared with their female counterpart. Putting this into consideration, boys should have their own schools running their own things different from girls who would like to be independent very early in life (Tolley, 2003). If such a situation was to happen the course outline in each case would be different in terms of time taken per course. James Tooley observes that, if such a situation was to be allowed, it would have a very big impact on the society in a very negative way. He argued that, girls will clear school early and start working. In this regard, men will shy away from financially stable women and the end result will be frustrations and many people ending up single. Men, he observes will feel threatened as they will find it hard to control a financial stable woman (Tolley, 2003).

In regard to such things as sporting activities, it very different in both cases. Men have their own field activities which are very different from women. A good example is rugby. Research shows that, men do not derive any pleasure taking part in activities dominated by women. This is different when it comes to women who will fully engage in what men are doing. The reason behind this is because men have a wide range of activities unlike women who have a limited number (Tolley, 2003). Comparing bys and girls in activities like athletics, one will notice a difference in the way men do it and likewise for the women. Men will tend to be very rough unlike their female counterparts. Going by this argument, boys should be left to have their own activities just like girls. This would give each a chance to completely take part in a field activity. Girls will always be scared to compete with boys in such activities like running. Men on the other hand will be yearning for such an opportunity to occur as they will show off.

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In conclusion, boys should be allowed to have their own school separate from girls because of the above mentioned reasons. Statistics which cannot be doubted clearly indicate that, this would help curb cases of teenage pregnancy which are very high in most mixed schools. Another reason, in both cases low self esteem is very rampant in mixed schools. This would be dealt with if boys were to have their own schools as well as girls. The method of assessment in each case is on its own. While girls would prefer course work as a method of evaluating them, their male counterpart would go for exams. This again adds weight on the argument of having the different sexes operating in single schools.

In respect to course taken by each sex, it is observed that boys would fit in practical science subjects such as engineering. On the other hand, girls would fit in such courses that deal with human being. While girls would support the idea of having families at early age, the case is different with boys who will only think about marriage later in life. These arguments answer the question why boys should have their own schools separate from girls. In regard to subjects taken in each case, girls are good at humanities unlike boys who are good at physics. In respect to that, girls should have their own schools far from such subjects, while boys should be contained in science schools. With this in mind, it would be advisable for the society to try and borrow from this argument given that it is based on carried out study and is just the plain truth. To try and deny this would mean having more problems in the society. May be is a high time to try something different and evaluate its performance later.



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