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Sex Offenders on Social Networking Sites

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Presently, more than ever, we are all exposed to new kinds of people each time we sign in to our social networking profiles at Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter—we regularly put our lives out in the public eye. However, did you know that our children are becoming more and more vulnerable to online predators? Are you aware that despite having laws to keep underage children from accessing certain websites there are still several children being preyed upon?

In my latest post entitled “Sex Offenders on Social Networking Sites”, I reveal that there are indeed people out there looking for a chance to take sexual advantage of our children. I give reasons why I support the states instituting laws to compel filed sex offenders register their email addresses and online pseudonyms to the corresponding agencies. Concerned parents, due to the offenders’ ability to think at our children’s level and easily lure them, one of my solutions is to limit the freedom of expression of offenders once identified and registered.

Please find time to read my post to find ways of protecting your child from sexual predators.

Jennifer Cherry

Buy custom Sex Offenders on Social Networking Sites essay paper cheap

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