Free Essay Sample «Revealing True Character»

Free Essay Sample «Revealing True Character»

True character can only be upheld by an individual with the highest faculties of honesty. Being honest does not mean being a hypocrite in the light to convince the world that one is clean while when away the honesty is surpassed by dishonesty. It is an indispensable and valuable quality of life that requires an individual to uphold true character as all times. If a person is honest, then the lures and snares of evil cannot convince his conscience and inner being to be carried away by such evils (Caplan & Theresa 80).

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Honesty has far reaching benefits required in the normal execution of daily activities. No man or woman is bound to either be rich, great or be wise but every man is bound to honesty in his actions. For example, a scholar who is pursuing studies in any field is required to be honest with his work, by ensurng that all materials used in research are cited in order to give credit to the originator of such information. This cannot be achieved unless by highest levels of honesty and true character. Thus honesty is one of the fundamental factors required in personal growth and self identity.

Every born baby is free of dishonesty. It does not represent a natural behavior among humans, but it is born out of anxiety especially when we are frightened we will always be inclined to lie because of the lack of courage to defend our identity. As a young infant continues to learn more about the world while seeking growth and identity, they learn to become conscious of truth and lies. Most of them will because of honesty, learn to be self-aware, self-controlled and self-driven. This orientation thus builds strong personality and identity in thhe young child making him or her to grow into a morally upright human being (Laing 97).

Character can be influenced by certain association or groupings. For example when young people gather together to socialize, they may be forced to adopt certain practices in order to keep up with the group. If the group is involved in smoking and drinking liquor and other evils, one can only associate with such a group by maintaining the status quo. This causes moral degradation, thus making an individual to sacrifice his honesty and truthfulness, which in the long run will negatively affect the personality, depriving its worth (Lowen 76).

Honesty will never perish, and noble honest hearts bring their loving tributes of respect in the dark hours of misfortune. Honesty triumphs and an honest heart make an honest person in life.


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