Free Custom «Rapists Should Face Tougher Punishments» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Rapists Should Face Tougher Punishments» Essay Paper

Rape refers to any sexual assault that involves sexual intercourse against another person without his/her consent. Rape is an element of the offense of genocide in cases where people do it with the intentions of destroying in whole or in part, a targeted racial ethnic group. (Waters, 2010)

On the other hand, sexual assault is any sexual activity to which one have not freely given in their consent. This usually includes completed or attempted sex acts, which are against someone’s will. Sometimes it can also involve a person who is unable to consent. The act also includes offensive sexual contact, and it is evident that it can happen to men, women or even children.

The attacker can be anyone - a current or former partner, a family member, a person in position of power or trust, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.

When a person undergoes through a sexual assault, several negative effects follow. The victim is usually under a very high chance of contacting sexually transmitted diseases as well as trauma. This makes the person to function improperly due to difficulty in reasoning. Notable changes include disruption of concentration, meaning that the person is always sad and in a state of confusion. It also leads to the change in sleeping patterns as well as eating habits. (Milton, 2005)

There are other signs that follow when a person undergoes sexual assault. They include post traumatic stress disorder, which is associated with malfunctioning of the body’s thinking and reasoning ability. The person may not be able to comprehend what he/she should do at a particular time. Fear and hopelessness also get into the person and therefore he/she ends up living alone and doing things privately. The person also may feel like people reject him/her due to his/her condition.

However, the beast has been terrorizing our community for ages without any actions to stop the act bearing fruits. The community therefore continues to suffer the pain as more and more of its members go through this painful act. In the recent society however, people have pulled up their socks and are ready to end this devilish act of raping people. (Waters, 2010)

Several measures are in place and in force too, in order to warn those who may feel to do the act. All the people in a society reject rapists out of the pain and negative impacts they infringe on their victims.

In my opinion, rapists have to face tougher punishments because of the pain they cause to the victims of rape. In the recent past, it is clear that cases reported about rape are fewer than the actual number of rape crimes committed. Rapists should face tougher punishments because they put a lot of fear in the society.

In addition, they pose many threats to the public because of their cruel actions. In this connection, the society needs to offer fierce punishments to rapists but not to free them or forgive them for their sins. No one would ever stand a close person to him/her going through the act and so no one should keep silence when such a case arises. We should all campaign for our rights by punishing the rapists. (Waters, 2010)

Our legal system appears lenient with rapists and this has to end. Rapists are uncompassionate in performing their criminal actions. They inflict pain to many people and therefore the society has to ensure that those guilt of such crimes go through severe punishments. The society punishes rapists leniently by sentencing them briefly. We cannot compare brief prison sentencing with the pain rapists cause to the rape victims and thus there is need to double their punishments. (Loughton, 2001)

One method of ensuring that we pass equal and fair judgment to them is through life imprisonment. This punishment can be termed fair because we always fight fire back with fire. When a person rapes another, he/she leaves the victim hurt through out their entire life. They should then also be hurt for life.

Another reason that supports my motion is that punishing the criminals properly assures the society of safety as this acts as a warning to others. In the long run, it protects its future generals from becoming victims of rape.

On the other hand, rapists need to face tougher punishments because all people know that it is a horrible crime, which means that the rapists need to face the consequences of their misdeeds. We should not have sympathy on them because they do not have sympathy on us too. (Milton, 2005)

As well known, sexual assault can affect the health of the victim in many ways. It is therefore important to seek assistance when one goes through sexual harassment. This may include reporting to a police station, going to a hospital or sharing it with a close relative or friend. In order to deal with the feelings, one should have counseling knowing that it is not one’s fault to go through it. (Loughton, 2001)



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