Free Custom «Protect Yourself» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Protect Yourself» Essay Paper

Legislation has recently been introduced into the House Of Representatives of Texas that involves concealed licensed firearms to be carried within the college campuses. The bill which was brought into the floor of the house by the rep. Joe Driver suggests that all Texas residents who already owned licensed firearms to carry them and use them in case need demands of them to do so. This implies that the students have been accorded the same rights as those of residents and what they do in the rest of the state. In concurring with this recent development, the president and spokesperson of Students for Concealed to Carry, David Burnett said that majority of the people get astonished when the hear that guns and various weapons have been found in learning institutions especially college.

As a matter of fact, we ought to understand that the legislation concealed carry has developed and it has become a common phenomenon in Texas and a number of states. However, the key point to comprehend here is that the legislation has some conditions that must be satisfied before an individual is allowed to carry the weapon. For instance, there is a specific age limit, someone should receive adequate training and pass the training before being handed the license to carry the gun, thorough background check up is conducted to reveal any skeletons that the pass may be hiding in her of his past regarding criminal activities and anything that may be used to gauge the legitimacy of the person getting the license. In addition to this, the mental condition f the person should be evaluated; drug and substance abuse check ups are other essential investigations that are carried out before one is permitted to carry a handgun.

Being armed and carrying guns in places such as restaurants, banks, churches, movie halls, theatres and shopping malls has become a daily phenomenon, people have gotten used to the fact that majority of the people in these places are armed and this has contributed highly to bringing down the rate of crimes in such places. In addition to this, people are not scared with the fact that people are armed here, instead the opposite occurs, people feel safe and they know that nobody can harm them in such places. However, it is perturbing how ones right to protection and self defense is infringed when it comes to colleges.

We have various kinds of people in colleges; these are the places where people are highly vulnerable to rapists, drug addicts, kidnappers, thieves, murders and serial killers. Despite the fact that these places are termed to as gun free zones, killers and rapists have not been stopped from committing their outrageous crimes in the colleges. Once or twice we have heard such cases and it is surprising that no action has been taken yet. When a citizen is out there, he is allowed to defend himself, but when the same citizen enters into a college, the same right is taken away from him and leaving the person vulnerable to attack to the social misfits.

At this juncture, we should simply state that unless an individual comes up with a clear mechanism of declaring zones as gun free, each member of the society should be let to defend him or herself from whoever wants to infringe a right that rightly belongs to them. The issues of defining zones as gun free yet those people declaring these areas as gun free can not provide the security needed to the people is shameful. As we all know, the police force can not be everywhere at he same time to provide security to the people, this therefore leaves an individual as the only 100% measure that can be taken to protect oneself.

You are the only one who is sure to protect yourself when the need arises; taking that from us is like giving the rapists and murderers a leeway to know where they can easily target to get their victims. Which place is better than the college? If I know that I can easily overpower my victim at a certain place, then without any doubt I will head there to get the person. Bills that want to legalize the issue of carrying concealed guns to colleges are in the advanced stages in a number of states, some of these states include Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida, New Mexico, Mississippi and Nebraska.

A number of critics have come forward to argue against this bill claiming that among the safest places to be at is in a college. These people tend to forget that in 2008 alone, that apart from the incident in Northern Illinois University and Virginia technical, there were 3000 people sexually assaulted, robberies were estimated at 4500 and assaults amounted to 5000, with guns and defense mechanism, imagine how many cases we would have prevented from happening. In addition to these, three states have allowed twenty six of its colleges to practice the conceal carry bill, this has not led to any problem occurring. In relation to the above crimes that took place in our colleges we can find numerous reasons as to why we should enforce the law of conceal and carry within our colleges.

The student fraternity is made up of ex marines, ROTC cadets and evening students who to our belief do carry these guns already. This means that whether the bill is passed into a law, these weapons are already within the environments of the colleges and those carrying them have good reasons for doing so. Seconding this, this is already a law in many states, trying to scrub it when a number of states are practicing it effectively beats logic especially in colleges. The numerous stickers that declare places as gun free, have not helped stop crimes from taking place. The law may work to law abiding citizens, but what of criminals, by nature, we know that they are after breaking the law and these stickers do not mean anything to them.

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Disarming people presents them as potential victims, law breakers, thieves, murders and rapists get places where they can easily get away with their crimes. The people in colleges are presented as helpless and defenseless and therefore the criminals can do anything they wish with them. However, allowing students to carry concealed guns will prevent and bring crimes to manageable levels within these institutions. To support this, those colleges that have allowed concealed guns within their premises have not recorded any crime, shootouts or accidents within the colleges, instead, the crimes in these institutions have tremendously declined. A college such as Colorado state university has had a decline in its crime rates, however this can not be directly associated to the concealed carry but as a matter of fact we can state with our heads high that allowing concealed carry also does not lead to an increase in crimes.

Each person has a right to safety, a right to protection and to defend himself in case of attacks and uncalled for circumstances. Introducing CCTV cameras in school compounds will not make the people feel safe at all. The criminals know how to carryout their crimes and in one way or the other they have often gotten away with crimes done where these cameras are elevated. Disariming people within the colleges only leave us with one fact, they will be victims. And since the colleges can not be able to present us with the same security we see in airports and other high level places, why not allow people to defend and fight for their safety? That is why we are saying and stating it blatantly that we should fight for ourselves, our freedom and our lives. If you do not fight for this, no one will and no one can.



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