Free Custom «Prostitution» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Prostitution» Essay Paper

For many people, the slightest idea leading to the fact that prostitution ought to be legalized is received with very harsh arguments. As a matter of fact, the argument that prostitution should be legalized not only leads people into getting irritated but it has also tempted many quarters to bring in religious arguments pertaining the issue. In this paper though, prostitution is plainly viewed as the act of offering sexual services to a person in exchange of payment mostly in monetary terms. In a nutshell the paper aims at critically viewing the main advantages that the society at large may rip from letting prostitutes (people who practice prostitution) be recognized and accepted by the law. In the argument that has been developed in the paper where legalization of prostitution is being offered full support, the three types of prostitution which are prostitution in brothels, sex tourism and out-call prostitution have all been incorporated. Therefore no limitation has been placed in regard to the type and degree of prostitution hence giving the whole concept a very general definition. The advantages that are enjoyed form legalization of prostitution are therefore discussed in the following part of the paper.

The brave step that may be taken to legalize prostitution could pave the way to a safer and healthier globe as it would greatly help in the much needed strategies to aid in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. So as to ascertain that the prevention of HIV/AIDS is a success, people must ensure that the risk conditions are changed. In an effort to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS infection in prostitution, it is important that the legal and also the social and economic contest of prostitution are changed. As a matter of fact, so as to reduce the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS infection among prostitutes, it is important that criminal laws in prostitution are addressed; work permits are addressed for prostitutes; freedom of movement for industry is addressed and health regulations in prostitution is addressed (D'Cunha 84). With this kind of structure, people will be more protected form contracting HIV/AIDS during prostitution than when the exercise is done in secrecy as it is now in most of the countries.

Prostitution has been reported to be the place where most rape cases are reported. In regard to this fact, if at all prostitution would only be legalized; it would act a long way in ensuring that our women are protected. In the current state where prostitution is illegal it is actually impossible to press charges against a rape case that occurred in the course of prostitution. This fact has compromised the safety of most of our womenfolk. It is actually estimated that with the legalization of prostitution in the United States of America only, rape cases would reduce by a rate of 25% (Ronald 19). Who would argue against such massive reduction in the number of women who are violated each and every day without any one taking care of the highest levels of injustice that is done to these women? As a matter of fact, the 25% reduction rate of rape cases indicates that the number of rape cases that could be prevented by just having the law recognize prostitution as legal is 25,000 in only one year (Costello 37).

It is estimated that annually, prostitution generates $100 billion and much more (Ronald 102). It is in regard to this fact that I argue the fact that prostitution present to most people a very fertile profession which could in the near future contribute greatly in improving our economy which is yet to recover from the recent recession. The figures that have been placed above acts as enough evidence to the fact that prostitution is not merely an exchange of sex and sexual favors as many people have interpreted it, but is by far, a financial exchange. At this point it is not only an issue that women should rise up for their fellow women but governments too ought to rise up for their economic stakeholders. The fact that prostitution offers the global economy so much revenue, it is disappointing though that the above revenues are not enjoyed by most of the governments. If at all these large amount of money could effectively be considered as part of the revenue to the governments through the taxation bodies, then government revenues could be reasonable increased. The only way that our government can ensure that it taps into these unexploited revenues sources is to change this laws that have criminalized prostitution for far too long. In regard to the economic value that prostitution offers to the global economy, it should be considered as a very viable professional option. This therefore creates the room for the free market that the profession should have, just like the other professions in the globe today.

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Prostitution is also a very legitimate business. It is a wonder how much the human race can be a huge source of pretence and hypocrisy. Prostitution has always been a part of other sector of the economy. As was just mentioned in the introductory part of the paper, prostitution may occur in brothels and as a tourism option. This indicates the fact that the act of prostitutions goes a head to foster the growth of other businesses. Tourism and mortgage business from the brothels heavily rely on prostitution (Jenness 76). In order to foster well these businesses, it is important that prostitution also be accepted as a business option and be recognized by the law.

It is high time this debate on whether to legalize prostitution or not be brought to a dead end through its decriminalization. This is because the heat that it has generated so far is not justifies primarily because as it has been noted by the proponents of this ‘vice’, legalization prostitution has myriad of benefits to am individual person and to the community at large. First, contrary to the claims of the opponents of the legalization of prostitution, prostitution is not a crime (Weitzer, 2010). This is because it serves an important social purpose that instead of being looked from the legal perspective ought to be addressed from the social perspective. This is why am propagating for addressing this problem of prostitution from the eye of a sociologist. In this case we can start by addressing the problem of unemployment which pervades our social fabric in such an alarming rate that those disadvantaged economically, and who are eager to earn an honest living, have no other way of breaking from the cycle of poverty other than to plunge in this profession that the government in cohort with a number of organizations interested only in furthering their selfish interest have made it look demeaning (Weitzer, 2010).

It is also important to realize that prostitution as a trade satisfies a demand that has failed to disappear since time immemorial (Liberator, 2005). Without sex I wonder where all this single parents will get sex which as Maslow observes in his hierarchy of needs, is a basic need and therefore an essential need to each one of us (Liberator, 2005). It is no doubt that continued failure to legalize prostitution will worsen the already pathetic statistics of incest, rape, pedophile, and other worse antisocial practices (Liberator, 2005). This is because those who are unable to access an otherwise essential need (sex) will be tempted to satisfy their urges through some other means that might even be worse than what we are trying to halt though this criminalization. By recognizing prostitution and guaranteeing human rights to prostitutes, there is no doubt that the likes of women trafficking, exploitation, coercion and other violent crimes against women will disappear just as it has happened in a number of jurisdictions where legalization of prostitution has been successfully consummated (Jeffreys, 2009).

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One of the negative things that have come to be associated with prostitution is the violence that is always meted on women who are in this trade. Our constitution is very clear that this should not be happening at this age and time, especially bearing in mind that women are the weaker sex who require all the protection from such vices. The question that the government should be pondering with is why despite the longevity of these pieces of legislation scattered in our statute book that attempt to curb prostitution through criminalizing it, nothing concrete seems to be happening towards that end.

One of the reason for this violence against prostitutes (women) that has been advanced is that police are unable to stop it because their hand are already filled with the responsibility of fighting prostitution, and associated vices, which explain why they are unable to stop it in the first place (Jeffreys, 2009). Criminalizing of prostitution has also created a feeling within the society that prostitutes do not enjoy the same right that the rest of us enjoy, and therefore can be murdered, or even denied their rights, without the villain being held to account for such action. Remember the notorious serial killer who had a liking of killing prostitutes by the name Gary Ridway’s famous statement in his trial to the effect that, he killed them because he was almost always sure of getting away with such murders (Jeffreys, 2009). This might sound callous or even outrageous, but am afraid that he was dawn right in this one as other subsequent case confirmed, and continues to reinforce. This therefore means that to effectively deal with violence against women (prostitutes included) the government ought to decriminalize it as a matter of urgency.

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The much that the act of criminalizing prostitution has succeeded in doing has been to force it underground, something that has only done much in making it dear to those of us who will always ‘buy’ sex irrespective of its illegality or legality. This is something that has myriad effects touching on each one of us. For instance, the high charges that illegalized sex, and in extension underground sex, will attract in an illegalized environment has the potential of creating some other social problem like robbery, which will most definitely be perpetuated by those who frequent brothels and other outlet of ‘illegal’ sex, in a bid to fund a comparably dear but indispensable habit for those hooked in it (D’Cuhna, 1991).

By legalizing prostitution the government will be able to regulate it and therefore be able to reap maximum benefits in terms of taxes from the industry. These are taxes and other benefits that are currently being lost by the mere act of criminalizing a trade that is unlikely to halt let alone end, with or without criminalization. It could as well nurture sex tourism that has successfully improved the economies of a good number of countries that have been wise enough to legalize it (D’Cuhna, 1991).

Criminalizing sex between two consenting people beat logic. In fact it might as well be considered an infringement of the human rights. It is even obnoxious that an act that does not harm anybody outside that particular sex transaction and which involves two consenting adults has been criminalized for all those years (Flower, 1998).

The mere act of decriminalizing prostitution will go a long way in reducing the back log of cases in majority of our courts (Flower, 1998). This is because it has been noted that majority of pending cases that are stretching our court systems are in one way or the other involved with prostitution. The same case applies to our police system where we could reduce the cases by just decriminalizing prostitution. It is important to note that every time a women decide to exchange sex for money nothing will stop her from doing that which therefore shows the impotence of the government decision to decriminalize prostitution as a way of reducing prostitution.



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