Free Custom «Pro-Immigration Argument» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Pro-Immigration Argument» Essay Paper

Illegal immigrants are those who migrate into from their own county of residence to another without permission. There is always a legal ground to be followed to get access to any country as this tend to improve security in those particular countries. Immigration is meant to be legal so as to help in identifications of individuals that in turn lead to protection of their lives while they are in other countries of which they are not residents. The illegal immigrants especially in America, has been such a big problem and all the efforts made towards curbing it have always fail as it very difficult to identify the illegal immigrants. Just like any other activity, illegal immigration has both its negative and a positive side. Immigration as a general as a process is good because it helps many people explore the world.

There are issues that arise within the immigration process and these hinder or lead to a drawback to the immigration services. Illegal immigration is one of the serious problems that face America but according to my own perception, I think immigration process is good whether legal or illegal. This is because not all people who are illegal immigrants are harmful but some find themselves in this situation due to the prevailing problems they face. There are various problems that people face in life that can make them run away from their mother country to seek or find help elsewhere especially to other countries (Pro-Immigration and Anti-Immigration Groups in the United States, para 1).

In this kind so situation, one is not of any harm to that particular place or country. On the other hand, there are those who do not meet the requirements of immigration services hence are left with no alternative but be confined within their country’s territory for life. These kinds of people are likely to immigrate without any legal document. There are various reasons behind illegal immigration that cannot be solved or pointed out as some are brought about by nature. Some of these reasons can be; escape from diseases and pandemics, escape due to political instability in one’s mother country and some may also escape as a matter of their own security. Generally, immigration is a fact that should be accepted and embraced by all Americans since it helps in building the economy (Rahul Pandita, para 1).

The constitution of the Americans does not allow illegal immigration at all cost. This is so due to the protection measures they are taking towards ensuring there state if free from any external attack. In America, it is not always easy to identify an illegal immigrant due to the constitutional laws that protect human rights. In this particular state, there are laws that do not allow police officers or any other criminal investigation officer to conduct or interrupt the activities and peace of the American residents. One can live in America for a long duration without being noticed and in such cases; a law should be put to cover the rights and freedom of such people so as to be considered part of the American residents as they are proofs that they are not harmful to the state. The law should first start by investigating the person for any wrong he or she done for the duration he or she has stayed in the state. If at all there are no signs of crime, then the person should be considered an American resident so as to guarantee his or her rights and freedom.

The laws dealing with the matters of immigration in America should be polished and changed so as to favor those illegal immigrants with problems that require ideal solutions. As per my perception, laws in America that deals with the issue of immigration are not fair as they do not favor the interest of both the minority and the majority. Though laws are always there to guide and help in decision making especially to matters pertaining state issues, it should be centrally based not only to favor its residents but the entire world as a whole. Illegal immigrants should not be harassed as this creates a lot of negative impacts to those who fall victims of this situation.

There are those individuals who cannot locate countries of their origin as they were borne by their parents in America though their parents were illegal immigrants to the state. On the other hand, those who are not American residents but at the same time cannot go back to their mother countries due to the fact that they do not have any possession their, should be given accommodation by the American governments and be considered part of the American economy. With this consideration, there can never be any harm whatsoever as all the immigrants will be having identifications that cannot enable them engage in any crime.

Many nations in the world tend to have the same laws on the issue of immigration. This is so because many nations in the world copy all the American exercises as they believe in America. This belief is brought about by the fact that America as a state is a super power and one of the most developed states in the world. The superiority of America as a state has the influence to many countries and this always believes they are right in whatever decisions they take. America has strict policies to its immigrants and this policy is applied to every nation in the world. Almost all the nations adhere to these policies and for these policies to work out effectively; there must be support from all the countries it deals with in terms of immigration.

The immigration process involves a lot of things that need to be taken to place to enable efficiency of this process. For one to be legally placed in a country that is not of his or her permanent residence, he or she must be approved by that particular country he or she intends to move to. Without this approval, one is not allowed to step into that particular country for it will be termed as illegal immigration. There are some requirements that one has to meet to receive the travel documents. Some of this documents are difficult to get as one has to undergo an intense interview to poses them. This are some of the key factors that makes people demoralized in this process hence looking for alternative ways that may make them get access to any country of their choice easily.

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A section of the American constitution in relation to immigration issues commands or gives the government a room to deport those who are not American citizens as they are referred to as illegal immigrants. A section of the Ameriacan citizens find this law rough and unfair claiming that everyone should be given equal rights as they are part of the human family. Their claim are based on the amendment of immigration law as they want a proper an ideal law that can deal with this situation in a polite manner other than the law at hand

For one to get a legal access to America, he or she must have an American visa and a passport that allows him or her to travel to America. Without one of the two documents, one is not allowed to move to America. It is the responsibility of one’s mother country to issue its citizens with passports. Visa is only to be issued by the country one intends to go to. When this is linked to the acquisition of the American visa, it is found that there are interviews that one must pass before these visas are issued to them. This makes America a unique country or state. American law is up to standard and the only weakness it has is that section that addresses matters of immigration. Immigrants also have their roles to play in ensuring their protection is enhanced. They should follow the policies in place for the immigration process.

There are various things that need to be put in place so as to make the constitution of America suitable for all those who are against and after it. The law is to be centrally placed to favor both illegal and legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are supposed to get the same treatment legal immigrants. This should be so to enhance peace and unity among member nations. The pro-immigration groups in America are financially stable and united as one family and rage battles towards attaining immigration justice. These groups are always advancing on their ways of fight and trying to grab any possible opportunity that comes their way. The groups are from various backgrounds based on the mission they intend to achieve. Some of these groups are commercial organizations, religions, and some other organizations such as the Hispanic rights organization (Stephen, para 1). The missions of these groups have always been successful due to financial stability. They are funded by various organizations that benefit from the services done by illegal immigrants to their companies or institutions. The group in this case blames Washington for-centric strategy as they claim that the strategy is unfair.

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The congress tried to make an improvement on immigration policy and this pressurized the senate to pass a bill of rights but it became evident that the house wouldn’t pass it due to some prevailing issues that needed to be sort out first before its passage or go through. The senate tried making this transformation a number of times but all the efforts were in vain. This was so because majority of the senators voted to filibuster that measure. Another problem that arose was the split of businesses that was triggered by various decisions on how to handle the flow of workers. This made these particular business organizations to fight for an increment in the number of visas. The bush government wanted to respond to this request and wanted immigrants to be temporary residents of America but labor union wanted all both the legal and illegal immigrants to have the be treated equal as they contributed largely to the development of the American economy. Various organizations are working toward achieving this goal of equality.

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There are certain measures that are normally put in place to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the American residents. These right are to be strictly followed to the letter but some of the American residents still have a negative notion towards these rights trying to equalize them to that of other immigrants whether legal or illegal. Tamar Jacoby, who is the president of the immigration works, is also against the law governing immigration and he further organizes and pushes various business firms to fight for immigration reform. The law only favors the majority in America but this has really affected various business organizations negatively. It is found that most of the workers in various business firms are illegal immigrants and when they are deported or faced by any difficulty, the companies tend to loose a lot and may even collapse. The effect is not only to the bossiness firms but also to those organizations that fight for human rights and freedom.

For the constitution to be fair there has to be a constitutional reform that caters for the rights of all ad not just partial. The reform program needs proper consultation with the relevant bodies to know the opinions of the residents concerning the reform program. The main part that brings a lot of problems is that related to immigration. Immigration should be free to anyone who wishes so as to help curb the situation at hand. This is the only way of curbing or finding a solution to this problem. Visas are always one big problem that tends to affect the immigration program. The immigration bodies in the world faces some shortage of visas and this contributes largely to the issue of illegal immigration. The main aim of this Visa shortage is to have a control for those who visit America. This is so because people cannot immigrate at their own wish as this may cause overpopulation in America.

Immigration as a process should have ideal ways of dealing with the arising matters. Immigration is one of the best processes that need a lot of keenness for every mistake taken can cause a lot of problems to the entire country of which the immigrant is to head to. Every country of state have got their own ways of conducting immigration and this can be seen in the kind of policies to they implement. According to the (U.S. Immigration and Economic Growth: Putting Policy on Hold, para 1), America as the super power and a pace setter too many nations in the world, has been the destination for many immigrants, and has been wise in the decisions it makes which has earned it some respect in the previous years. Due to this respect, many countries or nations in the world respect its dealings and this in turn makes many countries to practice their ways of life. The impression created by America as a state tend to be very good under various occasions but at times cause a negative impact on the lives of those living within it. Some of these impressions are to safeguard and earn the state some bits of respect. The state undergoes some difficulties that tend to be very difficult to do away with. All these problems are based on the issues of immigration as many people from various countries are always interested in visiting the state.

Some of the things that make people to immigrate to America are its economic stability, political stability and the high living standards of the American citizens. The state has several advantages as it tries to treat its residents in a special manner that cannot make them to undergo an intense suffering. The residents of America are given enough freedom with the state and all their rights are reserved. The mentality that people have towards America makes it special and a role model to other countries. Though there are no enough visas granted by the state, people still find various ways of reaching it. The immigrants do not come to the United States to destabilize or take over the nation from the natives, but to build it (Immigration Reforms, para 7).

American as a state also has its own principle as one of the powerful state in the world. Many international or world wide decisions are always done in America due to its superiority. The decisions made in this state are always final and nothing can alter it at all means. This has made the fight against immigration reform to be very difficult and at time some of the members who are after immigration reform gets demoralized. The decisions are always passed by the senate of which, a fail means nothing is likely to be done to the issue. There are many factors that also lead to the drawback in the process of immigration reform and these are issues such as racism, favoritism and selfishness.

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Under racial prejudice, it is found that the white Americans who are on power tend to defy the cries of some residents due to their desires and best known reasons to them. These white hate African races hence discriminate the Africans and other races that may not match their own complexion. It is not only the Africans who are hated by these white but any race that tend to be different from theirs. This makes them do away with any opportunity that may make such races to combine with them. This does not also apply to all white but just a few. This has also lead to the violation of certain human rights and to add is the fail of the bill presented on immigration reform in the senate.

Legal immigrants in the U.S or America are granted the same rights to those of the American residents as they are termed as temporary American residents. One may also become a permanent American resident by registration, though the processes involved are extreme and challenging. The processes are always put in place to distinguish and select those learned individuals as for those who do not meet the requirements during the interview process are considered to be harmful to the economy of the entire state. This is so because the person would not have a genuine way of meeting or getting his or her livelihood. American visa only favors those learned individuals from other countries outside. This people are believed to be learned and can in turn contribute to the development of the economy. It can therefore be concluded that the immigration program only favors one side based on education and that is only to the literate.


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When an immigration reform is completed successfully and all the measure taken into place, then the state can have some a good coordination between its members or residents. It can therefore be concluded from people’s notion towards it that the immigration process of America is not fair and many American residents are against it. When all the immigrants, both the legal and illegal are put in the same line of treatment, then peace can prevail in America no matter the circumstances that may arise.



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